Social Media Agency Feature: Blueapple Digital Conversations

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Who are we?

blueapple digital conversations logo

We are a company, which is extremely passionate about the internet. In fact, the whole reason to start on our own from multimedia background was to dive into the pool of this new exciting world of possibilities in 2000. Since then we’ve had fortune of working on varied technologies, on widespread aspects of solutions for variety of blue-chip clients.

We’re currently a full service digital agency, with end to end capabilities in Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Digital Media Marketing & E-Learning Solutions.

The total strength of the team is 40, and the key members of the company are Gurpreet Singh, Co-founder & head Business Development, & Deepak Sharma, Co-Founder & Head technology and Operations, Manu Kumar, Head-Social Media Marketing

blueapple digital conversations

What’s in the name?

Till recently, the company was known as BlueApple Technologies. However, Keeping in mind the changing market scenarios, new technology, expanded product range and our entry into the emerging markets in Asia Pacific and Middle East, we decided to go in for a new brand identity. (BlueApple, Digital conversations)

The new brand identity better communicates the strength of our business and our extensive experience in the industry and our commitment to provide quality services in an ever expanding and changing technological world.

What we do?

The company has end to end capabilities in:

  • Web Applications
  • Strategy & Insights
  • UX/UI Design
  • Responsive & Adaptive Sites
  • CMS & E-Commerce
  • Custom Applications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile Web
  • Mobile Applications
  • Responsive & Adaptive Sites
  • Applications
  • Gaming
  • M-Learning
  • M-Commerce
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Audits & Strategy
  • Awareness Building
  • Community Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Promotions and Advertising
  • Blog Strategy & Execution
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Learning Management System
  • Virtual Class Room
  • M-Learning
  • Learning Application
  • Customized Content Development
  • Off the Shelf Content

The Agency provides comprehensive solutions right from strategy formulations to creative direction and to execution of projects.

Why we do it?

The company was formed during the web boom in India over 10 years ago, to provide cutting edge services to the corporate who were looking for presence on the internet, be it through Websites or enhancing their marketing reach through E-mailers, database marketing and multi-media presentations and gaming.

The company evolved as the technology changed over the years and added services in tune with the changing web world, and we are a end to end digital agency.

How we evolve?

Keeping in mind the ever changing Web world and technology, and the changing needs of our customers, it is imperative for us to keep evolving to ensure that we are abreast with the needs of the clients and also to provide them with latest technology and services.

We spend about 10% of our budget in R&D to ensure that we are able to learn and design products and services which are in tune with the latest technologies and the trends in the digital space.

We also, keep adding new services to our portfolio, such as Social Media, Mobile application development etc. to ensure that we do not become obsolete, as well, to be prepared to provide solutions to these new services to our customers.

Our belief - Work hard party harder

Social responsibility in social media

Being an integral part of the society, and especially when so much information is being put out on the web, it is critical from an agency point of view to be truthful and not state false information. We ensure that anything which is put out on behalf of our customers is verified and correct, in case of any doubts we check and cross check before the information or any statement is put out on any social media channel.

We understand the social implications and ensure that any information that goes out, does not in any way harm the sentiments, infringing on any persons rights, and does not mock any religion and community in any manner. We make extra efforts to whet the information which is being posted in the public domain.

Need of the hour

As social networking booms, there are dozens of sites which are opening up on a daily basis, and thousands of people taking to Social media, due to increased penetration of broadband, and mobile.

There is definitely a need to have proper laws and engagement policies so as to ensure that social Media does not become a open arena for some people and organizations to propagate hate and create issues related to things which can lead to unrest in the country. Also, Individual rights need to be retained and ensured that things like stalking, bullying etc. can be reported and action can be taken.

Though, the govt. has an IT law, but that needs to be carefully examined to ensure Individual rights of freedom of expression and speech are not infringed upon, and people not harassed by the authorities. The recent Supreme court order that only on senior Police officer’s orders can anyone be detained or questioned for posting on social Networks is a good step in this direction.

We believe that the social networks should also educate the people on the rights & wrongs of Social networking.

We learned the hard way

  • Cross check and double check any information you put out on behalf of the client
  • Need to have Indemnity clause in the contracts with customers
  • Ensure sentiments are not hurt by your posts and comments.

Did we just share that?

For a Restaurant Client, we posted a contest picture and though the picture was of a Leopard, we called it a Tiger, which led to a lot of funny comments. We had a good laugh and still joke about how the tiger changed its stripes into spots.

They work with us

We have worked with clients in both in India & overseas for Wed development, Social Media, Mobile Applications, E-learning like:

AL-Nahda Resort & Spa, the Jungle Restaurant, Democratic World, Ananda SPA, Ritter Academy, Maruti, Seasons Hotels, Carlson, IMT, US Aid,, Talaga Spa, Bali, Degussa, ITPM consulting, Yoga for the mind, future brands etc.

Industry as we foresee

With the ever changing technology world, social media is going to change too over the next few years; we are already witnessing clients moving from mere likes to conversations. Engagement is going to be the key apart from the ROI which customers are going to expect as the digital spends increase exponentially and SMM becomes an Integral part of the brands media planning. We see Media buying and planning becoming an important function in the Digital agencies.

We also foresee increased usage of mobile by the end user, hence the content, both text & visual will need to be tuned to that medium. As network speeds increase and tablet market growing many folds, Video content will play an increasing role.

A day without Internet

Well, for us it is unimaginable, our companies backbone is based on fast, dependable internet connectivity. Without the internet we would be fish without water. In fact , we have had such a day not too long ago when the internet lines for the entire block developed a snag and our connectivity was reduced to 3G connections and a few internet sticks. It was hell.

Our belief: Work Hard. Party Harder

BlueApple team celebrating Christmas

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are. We will post the JD’s on the Social Samosa Website.