Social Media Agency Feature: Right Click

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Who are we?

Every brand needs to communicate and every communication needs to be unique.

Right Click is a platform that you engage with when you are a brand that needs to make its mark in a crowded digital space or an idea which is crazy enough to be impractical. It is a one-stop destination for all your digital and creative needs.

Right Click Social media Agency

What’s in the name?

Surprisingly enough, all people working there have a different interpretation of the company name.

Anisha Ghurye, COO spills out the reason behind the name,

When you get stuck on a computer, you right click for more options. Similarly, if a brand faces a communication challenge or needs to leverage their digital presence, they need to only Right Click.

What we do?

Right Click takes up any form challenge, be it developing a social network website or designing a comic strip. For a complete list of the services they have to offer, visit here.

right click social media agency

Why we do it?

Internet has been one of the greatest evolutions in the field of communication. And everyone wants to be a part of it.

Right Click’s CTO, Dhaval Pancholi wanted to transform his dream of creating a social network into a reality. Other developers in our team, Vishnu and Neha, wanted to help build people’s dream products. While others like Tanvi who work in Social Media just want to get paid for having fun!

How we evolve?

Right Click aims at being a complete one stop Brand Communications Solution. It strides towards providing strategies that have never been done before because Internet is a dynamic platform.

Social responsibility in social media

Utmost care in taken to ensure that no content is put that can be misinterpreted or that might harm any individual. Along with the specific brand guidelines, Right Click also makes sure that a proper download on the line that shouldn’t be crossed in the name of creativity is given.

Need of the hour

Laws differ from location to location. Different words have a different meaning in different cultures or even different languages within the same culture. We need to understand our audience and create content keeping in mind the target audience!

We learned the hard way

Do not dwell in one place longer. Look what happened to Foursquare!

They work with us

Some of Right Click’s recent clients include Yes Bank, Inc.5 shoes, Rocia shoes, Regal shoes, Gullak Master, Camps of India.

Industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media industry is here to stay for a very long time! More and more brands are realizing the importance of social presence. Our huge population which is otherwise considered as a negative is a huge plus point here, as the international companies entering Indian market cannot ignore the no. of people spending their time online.

Right Click’s CEO, Amrita Ramchandran has her own predictions,

With increase in Smartphone purchases every year and internet availability to all the corners of the city as well rural areas, the future bends towards mobile friendly social media campaigns.

A day without Internet

A day without Internet is like asking someone to swim in a pool with no water! In today’s fast moving world we are almost handicapped without the internet. Be it shopping, finding out a good clinic nearby, finding information or tools to make life easier, we are dependent on the internet.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes! Paid internships available for Developers and Writers who are looking to make their mark.