Social Media Case Study: Officeyes Successfully Introduced a New Category via Twitter

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Brandlogist, India’s #1 e-commerce firm for B2B Office Supplies, recently introduced a new range of School Stationary Products and launched it via. a Campaign on Twitter #SchoolMemory.


The challenge was to establish the category, generate a buzz around it and subsequently drive sales for our new range of products amongst the right TG. They knew that their right TG i.e. School Students may not be majorly active on Twitter and therefore wanted to focus on driving traction from their parents, elder siblings etc who are a more evolved set of users on Twitter.

social mention Office yes social media campaign

To do this, they partnered with Brandlogist, a Brand-Communications Consultancy who launched the campaign with the insight that people love to reminisce and talk about their School Memories.

The objective was essentially to launch & market this category in a way which connected with the parents of school kids, by generating enough positive buzz & get them interested in school products.


To execute this, Office Yes invited people to tweet their favourite School Memory using the hashtag #SchoolMemory. Their winner was declared each day and rewarded with a set of Back-To-School Goodies.

To build a genuine 1:1 relationship with our TG, they kept it to a subtle conversation about School Memories and purposely stayed away from blatant selling while reminding our followers that Office Yes has introduced a new range of Products that might interest them. As a result, they saw a 154.2% rise in mentions and 113.5% increase in retweets without any media budget being spent.

schoolmemory social mention Office yes social media campaign

The campaign closely involved the customers with the brand and in-turn directed them to the website. In fact the love for School Memories was such that celebrities like Derek O’ Brian, Ashwin Sanghi, Rahul Mahajan, Sachin Garg and many more joined in.

schoolmemory social mention Office yes social media campaign influencers


Through the campaign, Office Yes reached-out to over 1.6 Lakh Twitter Users in 20 days and saw a 50% hike in the number of followers as well.

Hashtags like #SchoolDaysMemories began trending during our campaign and we joined their conversation to widen our reach further. In fact a single tweet of ours fetched 116 re-tweets through this approach.

schoolmemory social mention Office yes social media campaign

All in all, the brand maintained an engagement score of 99% through the course of the campaign and hence despite being a B2B setup, Officeyes successfully established School Stationary as a part of its product portfolio.

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