Social Media Case Study: How Star Plus’ Survivor India Executed an Influencer Outreach

survivor India

Brand Name:

Survivor India

Agency Name:

Mindshift Interactive


Phase 1: Screening Party at Vie Lounge

  • Invitation to Twitter Influencers and Prominent Bloggers
  • 2 days for an outreach towards + 100 Followers

Phase 2: Maintenance Phase

Khichdi Party Coverage:

  • Exclusive Coverage of the Khichdi Party was shared via Twitter
  • Live Tweeting/ Pictures/ Quotes from contestants

Pre-Buzz Tweets:

  • Countdown to the show
  • Interesting Facts/Trivia about the show, Island, Contestants, Host and the International format were shared
  • Started seeding #SurvivorIndia hashtag
  • New Year – #ISurvived2011 by…
  • RTs and Conversations with celebrities

Phase 3: Offline Integration – On Ground Event

  • Buzz creation
  • LIVE Digital Webcast
  • Twitter Contests


Phase 1

  • Over 18 Twitter Influencers at The Party
  • +15 prominent entertainment and bollywood bloggers
  • Survivor India and Star Plus Outreach +50K
  • Blogger Outreach +25 Online Portals

@SurvivorIndia Handle was amongst the most popular one’s on the day of the event.

Phase 2 and Phase 3

  • Reach -1.2 Million
  • Phase 3 Webcasr – +10Lakh views
  • More than 3.5 Lakh Views in a Week
  • 172 Followers Increase in 5 Hours
  • +50% Conversations garnered Positive Consumer Sentiments
  • Engagement was at an all-time high