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Journalists on Twitter

Today's headlines: Indian journalists are kicking it up on Twitter with the latest news and let insiders in on what is happening in their lives. After years of giving viewers the news from around the world on television, they have now joined Twitter in an effort to reach more people. They regularly update their tweets, so that you can access them anywhere, at any time, on any gadget you like.

Journalists on Twitter

This just in, Social Samosa to list down the top ten journalists to follow on twitter. Let us have a look at the names and see who made the cut.

1. Rajdeep Sardesai @sardesairajdeep

Rajdeep Sardesai

The Editor-in Chief of IBN 7, he tweets about his opinions on different matters. He likes cricket and is a fan of Indian music, and gives followers a song of the day with all the details required to find it. He greets his followers and seems to enjoy conversing with them. He even tweets about his personal life and what he is up to these days.

2. Barkha Dutt @BDUTT

barkha dutt

Barkha Dutt is an Indian Television Journalist and columnist, and the group editor at NDTV. She tweets links to her blog posts, about breaking news, and her views and opinions on matters at hand. She retweets people and gives her followers a peek at her personal life. On an average, she tweets 7-8 times a day.

3. Sagarika Ghose @sagarikaghose

sagarika Ghose

Sagarika Ghose is a journalist, news anchor, author and mother of two. Her blog on is called ‘Bloody Mary.’ In her tweets she raises questions on the issues at hand. Her tweets, though aggressive, are politically correct.

4. Vikram Chandra @vikramchandra

vikram chandra

Vikram Chandra is the CEO and Executive Director of NDTV. The the current host of Gadget Guru and anchor of The Big Fight, he is can be easily referred to one of the top journalists in India today. He tweets about current topics, the big fight and retweets NDTV at times. Most of his tweets are conversational, where he asks his followers for their opinions and views.

5. Amol Sharma @AmolSharmaWsj

amol sharma

Amol Sharma is the Deputy Bureau Chief of Media and Marketing at The Wall Street Journal. He has just over 2000 followers and 490 tweets, but for people who are into the analytical side of business, his tweets can be enlightening.

6. Sachin Kalbag @SachinKalbag

Sachin Kalbag

Sachin Kalbag is the Executive Editor at Midday. Like his bio says, he tweets and retweets about Mumbai, current affairs, cosmology, journalism, photography, sports and science. He seems to come out as a cunning person, with a good sense of humour. Some of his tweets are sarcastic and puts in his views along with the breaking news.

7. Madhvan Narayan @madversity

Madhavan Narayan

Madhvan Narayan is a Columnist, Journalist and Writer at Hindustan Times Delhi. He likes music and movies. He happens to be an avid poet. Going through his tweets, I came across a few poems and shayaris. His tweets are funny and lighten the mood, and seems to be like older men who would be sit with kids and have a great time.

8. Ayaz Memon @cricketwallah

Ayaz memon

If you happen to like Cricket, he is your man. He happens to tweet mostly about cricket, but you may come across a few tweets on Tennis and Football. He has over 22,000 tweets. If you follow him, you will have live news, pitch condition, injury news and scores on your timeline.

9. Kanchan Gupta @Kanchangupta

Kanchan Gupta

Kanchan Gupta is a Writer, Journalist and Editorial Director at Niti Digital. His tweets are mostly about politics and issues related to it. He knows people don't like him but he doesn't shy away from sharing his views. He often replies to his followers, and this is a great profile to gain knowledge about politics.

10. Rahul Kanwal @Rahulkanwal

Rahul Kanwal

Rahul Kanwal is the Managing Editor at Headlines today. He is also the anchor of Centre Stage and Seedhi Baat. He tweets about breaking news and info about his shows. He doesn't really add his own touch but his sources are accurate and his news is on time.

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