No matter what the business or who the businessmen, anyone and everyone will tell you the same thing. Your investment should give you a return. Even vegetable vendors look for a profit at the end of the day. So if you are a brand, marketing on Social Media it is quite obvious that you would be looking for a Return on your Investment.

Though Measuring the ROI of your social media activities is not easy, it is not impossible either.

In this interview with Harshil Karia, Co – Founder & Online Strategist at Foxymoron we look at Social Media ROI, if it can be determined or not.

Harshil talks about the best way to measure a Facebook campaign. He goes to the basics of Social Media to help us understand the success of a campaign. He even talks about the challenges he faces while integrating and online-offline campaign.

Harshil made it as easy as it gets. If you plan your marketing and reach the audience online you are sure to get a return. Time for you, to do the math.

Featured Image: cambodia4kidsorg

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