Social Media Campaign Review: What’s Your Big Plan by Aviva Life Insurance

Aviva whats your big plan

Aviva Life Insurance has initiated a nationwide campaign called “What’s Your Big Plan” in association with The Times of India as the presenting partner and Croma as the activity partner. The duration of this campaign is one month starting from the 12th of August 2013.


To give young parents the opportunity to fulfil their child’s aspirations and promote their life insurance policies through brand management.


Aviva India wanted to reach out to young parents and provide them an opportunity to secure their child’s future through this campaign. They are giving 20 children a chance to win scholarships worth Rs. 20,000 each. Sachin Tendulkar, the brand ambassador has been used to promote the campaign. The winning kids will also get a chance to play cricket with him.

Aviva whats your big plan social media campaign

The campaign is being run on their microsite. Children between the age 3 and 12 can participate in this contest along with the assistance of their parents.The contest as the name suggests is about the child’s “Big Plan”. Participants have to tell Aviva what they want to be when they grow up, why it is their big plan and who their role model is. Parents also have to write why they support their child’s “Big Plan”. Both the child and parent details are required for submission of the entry.

Aviva whats your big plan social media campaign

Aviva has also merged with Croma and McDonalds for this campaign. Participants can also drop in their entries at select outlets of their stores in different cities mentioned on the microsite. Students from more than 200 schools will also get an opportunity to participate through an on-ground activation programme. Final winners will be selected by an eminent jury from the field of media and advertising.

The contest is promoted on their facebook and twitter pages redirecting to the microsite to participate.

Aviva facebook

A video shot with Sachin Tendulkar is being promoted on their pages for the activation of the campaign. On sharing the video on facebook, Aviva India will donate Rs. 1 per share towards the education of underprivileged children.

Aviva sachin tendulkar video


The campaign connects well with the emotional aspect of consumers and using it for building brand identity amongst new consumers. Parents and children being the target audience, a child’s future is the most important aspect.

Associating it with Sachin Tendulkar and offering a chance to play cricket with him gives an overwhelming response!

The promotions on facebook and twitter are very interesting and dynamic. They have used parenting tips and advices along with images of their brand ambassador in a good, non-repetitive way. The likes, shares and comments on these posts are considerable.

The campaign is being run both online and offline with integration of local stores, making it easier for consumers all across to participate.

They have maintained traction to their website through this contest. An interested consumer gets an opportunity to view their products too.

They have created a buzz on Twitter with interesting Quiz Contests like #Aviva #WhatsYourBigPlan

Scope of Improvement:

Aviva has launched their campaign as “What’s Your Big Plan” but their URL to the microsite does not include the campaign name, “KidsKonnect” is being used instead, a segment with which the campaign has been infused with. This could affect their seo and confusion while sharing the contest link.


Aviva has used the basic concept of a child’s future for their campaign and it connects well to the audience. The prize is not limited to one participant but to 20 participants, with a considerable prize amount, broadening the campaigns reach.