Social Media Case Study: Promotion of Premium Rush on Sony Pix

clue 2 sony pix premium rush

Brand Name:

Premium Rush on Sony Pix

Agency Name:

Tonic Media


The challenge was to promote the movie without any applications or contests. The activity was of a short duration (3 days) but created the desired impact with its unique execution.


The primary objective was to attract users attention and make him engage with the brand leading to TOM recall


With this objective, Tonic Media, the social media agency on Sony PIX, launched ‘Gamified Posts’ on facebook. These posts helped generate conversations and build engagement.

Sony PIX and Tonic capitalized on the unique story-line of the movie “Premium-Rush”, which was about a bike messenger in Manhattan, by delivering equally unique concepts on Social Media platforms.

The campaign: was a 3-day activity focusing on the story line of the movie and turning normal posts into an interactive game on the wall. In these posts, the protagonist was stuck at a particular location and needed help from the users to get out.

Every post had a hidden clue, which the users had to solve in order to help the protagonist out.

Every day a new post with the next clue to get to the next level was launched.

Clue 1:

clue 1 sony pix premuim rush


Clue 2:

clue 2 sony pix premium rush


Clue 3:

clue 3 sony pix premium rush

Creative treatment:

All the images had the protagonist in action and a GPRS screen with a map guiding him to reach his destination. The GPRS screen had the clues for the users to guess the answer.


Each of the posts got good engagement and the Date and time of the premiere was highlighted on the post image to ensure visibility

All in all, an interesting and unique concept on social media which caught eyeball and Users interests.