Social Media Case Study: How Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Exotic’ enjoyed a Number One Worldwide Trend

priyanka chopra exotic

Brand Name:

Priyanka Chopra’s Exotic

Agency Name:



‘Exotic’ is already a blockbuster hit through social media even before the launch.


To leverage the power of a massive, passionate social media fan following to create a global buzz that pushed the song to the International Top 40 on debut


The task was to attract international audiences towards the Indian artist Priyanka Chopra’s new single Exotic

To reach out to a large fan base and get their undivided attention towards the launch of the single ‘Exotic’, in order to focus efforts into a huge ground-swell.

To drive a competitive challenge between Priyanka Chopra and Pitbull in a fun way.


Target Audience:

Pop and EDM music lovers, 18+, SEC B+, A, A+


  • To engage Priyanka Chopra’s Rockstars (her most passionate and engaged fans) and popular Fan clubs of both the artists which each had a large number of followers
  • To start the activity at 8 p.m. IST, so that engagement was seeded first to international fans
  • To leverage on the power of the independent fan clubs, and the large number of Twitter followers in ways that were helpful to the campaign, and at the same time meaningful to the fans themselves
  • To avoid undue emphasis on contests and giveaways, and therefore keep the focus on the music
  • To find a way around the fact that previous campaigns have been affected by leaks


The activity kicked off with the key Priyanka fan clubs providing sneak previews to the content, to preempt leaks. Each of the clubs got a unique piece of content officially. This created a win-win: no one felt left out and everyone listened to everyone else One of the highlights of our social media activity for Exotic was an open trend challenge between #PCManiacs v/s #TeamPitbull. Pitbull is the A-list international pop star who has collaborated on this track.

Over the weekend, we contacted the Fan Clubs to get them excited about the activity by issuing an open challenge in such a way that they make their own team trend higher on the topics. Once they were on board, they built it up for three days as a pre-cursor to our campaign and we started the activity on 8 July at 8 p.m. We ran this activity over the next 24 hours. This was followed by a whole host of conversations around the theme of #Exotic to make sure momentum never flagged.


  • Within the first two hours itself, #Exotic was enjoying a number one WORLDWIDE trend
  • Other than that, #PCManiacs was also trending worldwide and in India
  • The buzz was so strong that, 3 out of 4 days #Exotic trended worldwide without a contest
  • The messages around #Exotic delivered over 1.6 million organic conversations during the initial phase
  • The focus was the content and the activity was driven only by @TeamPriyanka account, with support from Pitbull and Priyanka’s fan clubs

As a result, PC’s single has debuted at #1 in India, and already on the International Top 40. It has also entered the Top 100 downloads on iTunes, which is a huge achievement for a debut artist.


#Exotic trended worldwide No.1 without a contest or a gratification, for 3 days

Official Music Video: – More than 6 million views in just one week.
Priyanka Chopra thanked her fans for Exotic.
Pitbull sent a special message to everyone in India.