Introducing Social Samosa Lists – One Place to Find the Social Media Profiles of Indian Brands

Social Samosa Lists

We understand how difficult it is to find the official social media profiles of all the brands out there. Many of us spend a lot of time Googling and trying to find all that data to begin our research. Be it hunting for prospects, preparing for a pitch presentation or doing competitive research, we have all spent countless hours looking for information.

This is where Social Samosa Lists makes the entire process simpler for you. Presently in the beta stage, Lists aims to become THE destination to find the official social media profiles of all the Indian brands.

  • Want to know more about Jet Airways’ social media presence?
  • Have a query about Yes Bank but want to know which handle to Tweet your question to?
  • Eager to checkout Allen Solly’s Pinterest channel?

Lists will have it all.

We have already listed quite a number of brands but would request you to add any if it isn’t there already. Go to ‘Add a Brand’ and simply paste the links to the social media profiles of the concerned brand. If you’re handling a brand’s social media mandate or PR, there can’t be a place better than Lists to showcase its presence.

Way Forward

We are not going to stop just at this. Our plan with Lists is bigger… HUGE!! There are so many things we are planning to roll out in the coming days, this is just a small part of it. If you think this is good, that will definitely be great! Stay tuned for Lists 2.0.

A Look at The Social Samosa Family

So right now, the Social Samosa Family has 6 members: – The content portal where you learn everything there is to know about the Indian social media ecosystem via insightful articles, campaign reviews, case studies, strategy reviews, interviews, industry news  & more. – One of a kind job portal meant only for the Indian social media industry. The portal sees more than 20 job uploads a day by agencies and brands across India. Have you started applying yet? – Have doubts and questions about social media? Go ahead and join this forum and ask away all your questions. And if you’re looking to showcase your expertise, start answering all the questions and share your knowledge. – Want to learn from the best of the Industry? School is the place where you get to hone your social media skills and become a better social media professional. Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops. – All the jargons that were ever thrown by your friendly neighbourhood social media ‘expert’, all the demands that were made by your ignorant client, all the excuses your agency ever threw at you – you will find them all here! – The new kid in the block. The repository of social media profiles of all the Indian brands.