The Number of Monthly Active Users on Facebook rises to 82 Million in India

India is a big market for the world’s biggest Social Networking website Facebook which is now being driven by emerging markets. Facebook has 699 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) and 1.15 billion Million Active Users (MAUs).

According to a latest report by The Economic Times, the monthly active Facebook users in India has shot up by 5%. The number of MAUs rose to 82 million for the April-June period for this year, against 78 million that was at the end of January-March 2013. These numbers were revealed by Facebook India’s country growth Manager Kevin D’Souza to Press Trust of India (PTI).

MAUs are registered Facebook users who log in and visit the site through the website or a mobile device or take an action to share content or activity with Facebook friends or connections via a third-party website that is integrated with Facebook in the last 30 days as of the date of measurement.

Facebook Mobile Grows World Wide
Facebook app for Every Phone has been downloaded over 100 million time. Facebook is growing in emerging markets like India, Brazil and Philippines. India accounts the second highest portion of the $1 million Facebook paid  in the past two years to security researchers who report bugs on its website. The number of MAUs on mobile in Q2 of 2012 was 102 million which has shot up to 219 million in 2013.

With Facebook making efforts to emerge in upcoming markets and coming up with apps for each phone it can only be presumed that the number of DAUs and MAus is set to rise. What is your opinion

Featured image by: melenita2012