Narendra Modi Continues to be the Most Mentioned on Social Media in June 2013

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Blogworks Most Mentioned Political Leaders, on social media in India, June 2013 update released

  • Narendra Modi continues to be most mentioned on social media, LK Advani jumps to the #2 position in June 2013
  • Rahul Gandhi climbs up one position to #3 in June
  • Nitish Kumar back in the game at #4, (up from #17 in May 2013)

Blogworks has released the 3rd edition of its monthly India’s Most Mentioned Political Leaders index analysing the Top 20 Most Mentioned Political Leaders online for the month of June.

Some of the key highlights of the report:

  • Narendra Modi continues to be at the top of the most mentioned political leaders index with almost five times more buzz than LK Advani at the 2nd position.
  • ‘Development and Economy’ which was the plank on which Narendra Modi had entered conversations has dropped over a period of time. Even though in June 2013, this theme has jumped up, when compared to May, however total mentions under the theme have witnessed a decline. ‘Law, order and internal affairs’ is driving more conversations now as compared to ‘Development and economy’
  • Nitish Kumar who dropped to the 17th position in May 2013, climbed up to the 4th position in June 2013. This was the first time in past five months, Nitish Kumar made it to the top 5 Most Mentioned Political Leaders list.
  • Arvind Kejriwal, who was the 5th most mentioned politician in our January – April 2013 report, dropped to the 6th position in the month of May, and now saw a further dip to the 7th position in June 2013.
  • Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dropped out of top 5 list, to 6th position in June 2013.