Advertisment Launches India's First Social Discovery Platform

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New Update Launches India's First Social Discovery Platform

Plobal, a purely Indian bred startup, has launched a brand new way for people to discover the latest happenings in their cities. As India’s first Social Discovery Platform, it updates people on the latest events in and around their city, in real time. Users can also ask their lifestyle related questions and get answers from other Plobal users or brands.

Plobal is building a community of users who are interested in lifestyle related activities and connecting them with people who can fulfill this need. For example, if a user in Mumbai asks on Plobal looking for an Italian food joint, the relevant eatery can directly reach out to him and engage in a conversation.

The fact that it allows businesses to communicate directly with relevant customers and answer their questions, is what sets its apart from others. It has become the new destination for businesses to discover more customers. Moreover, even social media agencies are gearing up to use Plobal for their client brands.

In the last 4 months, Plobal has attracted more than 31000 visitors who have resulted in 2500 questions with answers in excess of 15000. So it comes as no surprise that, today, more than 400 brands are using Plobal to boost their business.

Connect with Your Relevant Customers

The chief reason behind this enthusiastic response is because Plobal helps brands connect with their target group directly. While on other social networking sites you are competing for the attention of your users, on Plobal you have an audience who consumes your products, and wants to hear what you have to say.

This relevancy gives your business a high visibility, as it will be seen by more number of people who are actively looking for what you are offering. No other online platform can offer you such targeted exposure.

High Conversions

You can track conversations around your sector using keyword filtering and start communicating with the users. And since these users are actively searching for the services that you provide, the chances of converting them into customers is very high when compared to other social networks. The attention span of users to your communication will be higher since you’re providing a solution and not just marketing yourself.

Users come to Plobal when they have a need. It is a platform that helps them fulfill their requirement. And if you’re a brand that possesses a solution to the needs of the users, you’ll definitely win yourself customers.

Build Relations with Influencers

Another unique feature of Plobal is that you are able to identify influencers by the number of points accrued and can target them to garner interest from other users. So a restaurant brand can really benefit from targeting a food influencer. At the same time, you are making sure your brand loyalists are kept updated on important happenings like sales, new dishes, new outlets, discounts, in the process keeping them happy.

Plobal’s unique algorithm ensures that users receive only interest-based updates. Which means a retail brand update is sure to reach a user who is interested in shopping. This makes the targeting more relevant leading to a greater chance for conversion.

While other social media platforms have users coming online to talk with friends, to vent and to share, Plobal is exclusively about asking, discussing and answering lifestyle queries. Users get tips and advice from other like-minded users, and even discounts and offers from relevant brands. And this is precisely what makes this concept so revolutionary.

Atul Poharkar, Co-Founder of Plobal, says

The whole idea about building Plobal is to create a social network that helps people discover what’s happening in their city in real time. People can see updates posted directly by their favorite brands or simply ask and get recommendations from people with similar interests in their city.

Plobal’s core team is a young, promising, eclectic bunch. With combined experience spread over digital, media and advertising, from companies like Timesdeal, Ogilvy, JWT, Genesis and Marcus Evans, among other notable names, the team is set for success.

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