Social Media Agency Feature: NPR Design

NPR Design Logo

Who are we?

We are a creative & digital agency formed in 2009. We are a team of digital designers, developers, copywriters and community managers who share one Pseudonym: The creative #Madhatter. We have seen a lot of digital agencies with a weak creative arm. This is exactly where we come in. We create meaningful content for our brands and make sure we pack that in with brilliant creatives.

NPR Design team

What’s in the name?

NPR Design is nothing but our founder’s full name. (Nitin Pratap Raghani).

What we do?

Our creative stem features services like branding, print and web design and our digital stem features services like digital marketing, 3D & video and Apps. We do not believe in having complicated names for each of our services. Our experience and work portfolio speaks much more than heavy technical jargon.

Why we do it?

Back in 2008, Nitin ran a food review portal known as ifoodee. This gave him the platform to launch his own food and lifestyle review blog, which is now a very well known and highly visited lifestyle blog in our country. He believed and understood the fact that meaningful content helps individuals across various walks of life take the right decision and of course provide some knowledge. In the current digital age, the availability of the same meaningful content encapsulating one single product or service is published everywhere. The final call remains with the user as to which source of information he’d like to trust, leaving an opportunity for a digital agency to create content that looks good, makes sense and yes, should initiate some action. Our agency does exactly that. Its exciting. Plus, every digital platform has its own pros and cons helping agencies like us learn better each day.

How we evolve?

A lot of reading helps. Trends with reference to social media practices and so on don’t quite help that much. As long as the new technology is being used well and rules are been followed, the sky’s the limit. It is quite exciting to know that every new social app being launched today is capable of displaying brand content differently. (Example: Pinterest) Keep experimenting. Who knew a simple photo contest through a Facebook post could bring in more traction to the brand than an app. There is absolutely no point looking cool when it’s not going to help. The campaign objective needs to be achieved. If that means a simple idea, and an even simpler execution happens to create a trend and be written about it, BAZINGA.

Social responsibility in social media

Our content is screened twice to avoid any unforeseen event. At the end of the day, brands trust our agency with the creatives and copy and we make sure we do not let them down. Businesses depend on it.

Need of the hour

Company founders/CEO must tweet regularly. We all know the same advice is doing the rounds in the corporate countryside. Social media, as well know it, is a very personal mode of communication. The passion and dedication that is exhibited by the forerunners of the company must have a digital record and broadcast. And yes, that does not ease the load off our backs as an agency. Infact, it makes us believe in the company a tad more thus leading to success (a word used and abused in every agency feature, I guess :p)

We learned the hard way

Update and shut up IS NOT THE WAY WE DO IT, FELLAS. A very popular doodle displaying an hour dedicated to each social platform is infact true. But, beware. Too much and the brand bites the dust. Keep it simmering on a low flame until it’s ready to be served. Also, introducing too many platforms for a brand and believing that it will have a following or provide a first mover’s advantage is a total waste of time. If one has to make an entry, make a grand one. Launch a display ad. Make some noise. Just a basic update will not be noticed, no matter how well drafted it is.

Did we just share that?

We were working with a well known cafe, on a contest that required the winner to receive a tablet as the prize. The founder preferred to have one of his team members win the contest thus save the tablet from going out to an actual winner. Cheap as it sounds, the Tablet refused to switch on the day results were announced. Oops. :)

They work with us

Bound by contracts. Cannot give out names. Sorry :)

Industry as we foresee

Wearable technology is making the rounds, so the apps will not just respond to a press of a virtual button but with a blink of an eye (literally). Social media and digital marketing will be as good as speaking to a live person sitting right next to you. Lets not call that a nagging wife/mother who PINGS each time you need to know something. It will be way ahead and annoying (hopefully not) than that. Indian brands are not as reluctant as they were a year ago. Experimentation and decent allocation of the advertising budget has proven to be a whiff of fresh air.

A day without Internet

Brainstorming and charging up to kick some digital ass once the internet is back the next day. Actually tasting one’s coffee while drinking it also takes charge :)

Lastly, are you hiring?

Well, yes. We are looking to hire a full time copywriter who is good at what she/he does or wants to do.