Social Media Case Study: got 2,264 Mentions for the Hashtag #LektzTrulyMadlyDeeply

truely madly deeply twitter campaign

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Here is a Social Media Case Study for, which is an ebook business platform for medium to small publishers. As part of the brand’s Social Media initiatives, new and upcoming authors are featured on its social media pages every week. For this Independence Day, Lektz had roped in the young author, Faraaz Kazi and featured his bestseller, “Truly, Madly, Deeply”. This feature was planned to be special and as a result, a Twitter Campaign based on the author and his book was devised.

truely madly deeply twitter campaign


  • To promote author Faraaz Kazi’s book “Truly, Madly, Deeply” among the Indian Twitter audience.
  • To position as a personable, innovative and a lovable brand among the Indian Twitter audience.


The campaign was planned to run for 3 days on’s Twitter page, where a contest on the author and his book was run using the hashtag #LektzTrulyMadlyDeeply.

Contestants were asked 5 questions each day, with topics ranging from the book to the author. The scores were cumulative so that contestants would have to participate on all three days for a chance to win an Android tablet.

Since the theme of the book is about a youngster’s first love, the contest followed suit. This made the contest more easy to relate to the young audience, which in turn led them to share very honest opinions about love, mostly from their own experiences. Day 1 was about first love, whereas Day 2 saw us honoring our Independence and our fallen soldiers, and Day 3 was all about independence day, love and fan appreciation.

The contest would run for an hour everyday, but what made them different from other similar competitions, were the interactions between the contestants and the campaign team, which continued all through the day. Contestants found this to be different from the other contests since no interactions were taking place on other brand pages except during the contest.


The interactions between the contestants and the campaign team were kept very transparent and honest. Example: During the second day of the contest, a suggestion was made by one of the contestants to add goodies for the runners-up. The team promised to come back with an answer. And when they returned with the promised answer, the author gave away free autographed copies of his bestseller novel to the runners-up.

lektz truely madly deeply

Whenever a contestant tweeted about the contest or the theme, they were encouraged with retweets, favorites and most of the times they were appreciated with personalized ‘meme’ graphics. This made them feel more connected and it was bigger than any reward for them as they felt recognized, appreciated and made to feel special, which actually doesn’t normally occur in other contests on social media.

This overwhelming support made the campaign team run a surprise Pre-Contest quiz on the final day with a lot of fun questions, with three winners being picked for special goodies.

These interactions coupled with the theme of the contest and the use of personalized ‘memes’, and the overall message of ‘sharing love’ as the actual appreciation system for any tweet from the contestants, were the game changers that turned this campaign into a truly unique one.

twitter contest highlights


  • 150+ followers were added during the span of the contest which took us over the 1000 figure mark.
  • 2,264 mentions of the hashtag #LektzTrulyMadlyDeeply were seen during the contest period.
  • Author Faraaz Kazi’s Twitter account (@FaruKazi) received an amazing number of mentions and interactions that he personally endorsed.
  • Our Twitter mentions aggregate during the contest week was on par with or higher than what our global competitors like Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords had received.
  • The hashtag made it to the trending list on Twitter where it was trending for a brief period all over India during the final day of the contest.
  • The trending period that was generated during the contest is valued at anywhere between USD8000 to USD10000, in comparison with a paid promoted trending for a hashtag on Twitter.
  • This contest made the Klout influence score for Lektz to move up to 58/100.
  • After the contest was over, contestants had tweeted that this was a unique contest that made them feel special, recognized, appreciated and loved, which made winning just a secondary thing, in their own words.
  • A lifetime of trust and bonding with the brand Lektz and a fostering of reading quality literature from authors like Faraaz Kazi, were accomplished.