Social Media Case Study: Nissan Terrano Unveiled on Twitter During Live Webcast

nissan terrano

Brand Name

Nissan Terrano

Agency Name

Magnon / TBWA


  • Create a buzz around the unveiling of Nissan Terrano in Social Media Space.
  • Develop Awareness, Information and Conversations.
  • Drive interaction, Engagement and Participation.
  • Harness the current Nissan / Datsun fanbase.
  • Generate a degree of momentum online for Terrano that can be sustained later on as well.


Twitter Campaign:

Day 1: 5 rounds of 1 hour each.

The live webcast of the #TerranoBlockbusterShowcase will start at 12 PM on Tweeples just have to watch the webcast and live tweet the events as they unfold using the hashtag #TerranoBlockbusterShowcase.

Day 2: 5 rounds of 1 hour each.

On 19th August whenever @Nissan_India tweets ‘The #TerranoBlockbusterShowcase is on ‘, tweeples have to start tweeting with the contest hashtag and RT tweets of @Nissan_India.


  • Generated 10,000 conversations on FB around the campaign.
  • Around 700 friends participated in FB contests in less than 2 days.
  • More than 28,000 invitations were sent to friends for live webcast through FB.
  • Garnered around 300 followers on Twitter in less than 48 hrs.
  • FB campaign reached more than 7,00,000 fans.