Social Media Case Study: Olympic Gold Quest

This Case Study is a part of few case studies showcasing the best ways to leverage Facebook from business perspective.

The OGQ Facebook presence was critical in initially making people aware about OGQ, later making them aware of the specific initiatives, and mobilizing support for the cause and the athletes being supported including the fund raising. A large part of the success in making OGQ a mass movement can be attributed to them successfully leveraging Facebook to connect and build one on one relationships with their fans.

oympic gold quest


Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ), in association with Ethinos, used Facebook to:

  • Raise awareness about OGQ and its mission, and generate contributions
  • Build support base for athletes
  • Raise awareness about non-cricket sports
  • Engage with audience and give them a medium to connect directly with athletes


  • The Facebook Page is used to connect athletes with fans.
  • The cover picture is a collage of the 4 Olympic medal winners with their medals
  • The “Messages” feature is turned on for users to write to OGQ directly/privately
  • “Events” are used to remind users of various games being held
  • OGQ connected with users interested in sports through Facebook.
  • Age and education targeting were used to target users who were most likely to identify with the cause
  • Page post ads were created for important posts to boost the reach of these posts
  • Ads were run around the time the athletes were in the news to capitalize on the PR
  • The organization kept the engagement level with its fan base high by:
  • Following a consistent posting pattern
  • Posting important updates on the athletes and their status
  • Posting photographs of athletes while training and short interviews with athletes aimed at giving the users a window into their lives
  • Asking questions and encouraging users to post and comment on the Page
  • OGQ leveraged its connections to spread its message at scale.
  • Sponsored stories were used to generate fans for the Page
  • Friends of connections targeting was used to spread the message to friends of current fans.


  • Built support base of 90K engaged fans that doubled contributions in past 12 months
  • Grew Page fans by 4000% in last 12months
  • Sales increased by 300% in the second year of operations
  • Received 5.3 M viral impressions to Facebook Page during 2012 Olympics