Social Media Case Study: Ten Sports promoted the Tri-Series using Hashtag #YoungRising

Ten Sports #YoungRising contest

Brand Name:

Ten Sports

Agency Name:

Interactive Avenues


#YoungRising is an umbrella term which captures the spirit of change in the Indian cricket scenario with the advent of young players, who have a hunger to perform at the maximum level and prove their mettle.


The Indian Cricket team was in a transition phase, and the new Indian team looked fresh, fit and formidable after the champions trophy win! The primary objective here was to promote the Tri Series using the Young Rising Concept.


How do we create conversations around the series, as matches began late in the evening (IST)?

How do we popularize the concept of Young Rising amongst the masses?


 The 11 Step Plan:

#1: We created a dedicated Facebook tab which introduced the concept of #YoungRising . The Facebook and Twitter audience were constantly redirected to this tab by linking the posts/tweets.

#2: With the introduction of hashtags on Facebook, we started associating #YoungRising in each and every post related to the Indian Cricket team, to maximize the visibility. Similarly, #YoungRising was used in the tweets as well.

#3: For any brand, a contest boosts the conversations and amplifies the reach of the message. Hence, a contest was planned on the theme of the #YoungRising Indian team.

#4: The idea of contest was to ensure that people talk about the #YoungRising Indian team, till the series lasts. Hence, we planned an 11 day contest ( from: 30 June – 10 July).

#5: The contest was promoted 3 days in advance on all social channels of Ten Sports. This helped spread the word in good time before the contest began on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

#6: The contest give away should be meaningful, as well as exciting for the participants. Thus, we decided to keep an Indian Cricket Team jersey and an iPad mini as gratification to the Winners.

#7: The question of a hashtag based contest must be enticing enough for followers to reply. Hence, we asked 11 amazing questions on the #YoungRising theme to generate interest amongst the followers.

#8: Twitter influencers were reached out to spread the contest news. Many cricket lovers were tagged in the contest tweets.

#9: The online campaign was integrated with offline media.

#10: TV viewers were asked to tweet their views on the matches and the performance of the #YoungRising team to @ten_sports on Twitter. It was stated that the best tweets were aired on TV, motivating the tweeple to tweet more.

#11: The contest was fuelled with boosting tweets from @ten_sports and other influencers. Winners of the daily contest were declared on the following day, ensuring that the momentum of the contest remains steady for 11 days.


  • The hashtag #YoungRising trended for 11 days including trending no.1 worldwide.
  • 1,25,302 number of tweets with the hashtag #YoungRising were generated in 11 days
  • 90,500 number of mentions recieved by @ten_sports in 11 days
  • 10,886 number of unique tweeple who tweeted with #YoungRising
  • 73.67 million number of timeline deliveries of the hashtag #YoungRising
  • 5.04 million number of people reached with the hashtag #YoungRising
  • 17,870 new followers added by @ten_sports in 11 days