Top 20 HR Influencers on Social Media 2013 [Report]

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Social Media is adorned by the new generation. Brands have happily jumped onto the social vehicle to market their services and products by creating interesting conversation among these youngsters. Off late we notice that Human Resource professionals have embraced this channel to recruit, collaborate and engage with the future talent pool too.

In 2013, the list by SHRM India has identified HR mavens who are creating great content. They are not only heavy influencers but are also leading conversations on social media. The report was created after analyzing influencers from Learning & Development, Social Media, Talent Management and Leadership and then capturing their influence on Twitter.

The List

#1 Gautam Ghosh

#2 Abhijit Bhaduri

#3 Tanmay Vora

#4 Sahana Chattopadhyay

#5 Vineet Nayar

#6 Tanmay Kumar

#7 Gurprriet Siingh

#8 Yu Yu Din

#9 Paromita Deb Areng

#10 Anand Pillai

#11 Achyut Menon

#12 RajeshKamath

#13 Keerthi Kariappa

#14 Muralidharan Dhanapalan

#15 Kavi Arasu

#16 Nabomita Mazumdar

#17 Adil Bandukwala

#18 Himanshu Kapadia

#19 N S Rajan

#20 Jaya Narayan

Research Methodology

The study was based on certain parameters. People who conversed on topics such as HR, Employee Relations, HR Practices, Industry trends and Job Diversity and had more than 1000 followers were picked. After picking a total of 50 users, 20 were shortlisted as most relevant.

Influencer Tools

Three influencer tools were used to refine the research. Tweetlevel was used to calculate the influence score. Twrtland was used to create a detailed summary of a person’s Twitter activities and Tweetreach was used to calculate the total number of overall impressions generated by the tweets of the influencers.

You can find the report here.

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