As our Agency under Spotlight for this month, we present to you Tonic Media, an Interactive & Social Media Agency that has been in the industry since 2005. After having worked with more than 200 clients across 18 countries, it is still independently owned and managed.

Showcased here are the key team members of Tonic Media who are the anchors of the ship.


Chetan Asher

Designation: CEO

Why I Exist: Why does batman exist? Say, I exist for the same reason but we differ in terms of the medium of execution. Purpose is the key. Delivering value is the answer.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: The Green Tea Fanatic

Client to me is: Other half of a symbiotic relationship, on whose betterment we do good.

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Tonic Media: It changes from time to time for legend has two, continuous, repetitive ones.

1)When is the next movie night?

2) Who is the real Osaka? That would be a mystery.


Samir Asher

Designation: Founder & COO, Tonic Media

Why I Exist: Love to troubleshoot – check out ; I also enjoy online gaming, trance music and regular exercise.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Geeky Hacker

Client to me is: An important catalyst that lets me innovate.

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Tonic Media: You heard she gets 8Mb speed.. we only get 7.80Mb… We better start laughing at the boss’s jokes now.


Sudish Balan

Designation: Business Director

Why I Exist: To help people believe ‘Everything is Possible !’

Behind my back, my co-workers call me: Man with a Punch

Client to me is: Someone who stops us from going overboard with our bizarre creative concepts


Unmisha Bhatt

Designation: Director, Global Strategy

Why I Exist: To make things ‘happen’!

Behind my back, my co-workers call me: Woman on Fire

Client to me is: Who come in all kinds of shape and size to help us do what we love doing and they pay for it too :)

Vaibhav 3

Vaibhav Kalamdani

Designation: Head : Social Media

Why I Exist: to keep learning, give my best and help the Company grow

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: dependable

Client to me is: as important as my team

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Tonic Media: Next office outing, colleague’s vacation, and food. At Tonic, almost everyone is a foodie!


Natasha Desai

Designation: Creative Director

Why I Exist: I exist to accept the responsibility for changing the condition for the better

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: The Creative Zombie

Client to me is: Someone who inspires us to conceptualize out of the box

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Tonic Media: Lotsa new fishes taking a dip at Tonic

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