How Facebook Power Editor Can Ease Your Facebook Ad Execution

facebook power editor

For a business, which started out as an ad-serving social media platform which had allowed some peripheral targeting of its then millions of users, to a marketing platform with innumerable ad types, creation, and targeting customization, Facebook has walked a long and solemn path.

Now the platform has so many ad types and targeting options that creating just a handful of ads (as well as editing and managing) will take up a lot of time of a marketer, who is already-time-starved. Facebook realized this and rolled out a free tool called Facebook Power Editor, which helps marketers create, edit, and manage multiple campaigns, and numerous creatives.

Why should you use Facebook Power Editor?

The free Facebook ad management tool will help you gain efficiency by helping you create, edit, and manage a large number of campaigns and ads.

Once you have installed the tool – Power Editor will only work on Chrome, so if you do not have it downloaded already, you can do so from the accompanying link here – you will be asked to download your Facebook ads account, which only marks the beginning of the awesomeness.

Facebook power editor install

After you are done importing your ad accounts, you will be presented with a campaign dashboard with a vertical menu on the left, which will look like the one in the following image.

Facebook ad campaign dashboard

The real fun begins when you click on All Campaigns – I agree, there are valuable options in the other sections as well, but I’ll come to that later. A click on All Campaigns will bring up the following on the top of the resulting screen.

Facebook Power editor

At this point, it is important to know that Facebook Power Editor not only allows you to perform tasks like mass-editing campaign settings, targeting, flight dates, budgets, bids, and creative elements across ads, campaigns, it also allows you to work with accounts.

To help you work on multiple ads and campaigns, the tool allows you to import multiple images in the image library. You can also import a CSV or text file to help you keep all ad related data in one place, as you can see in the following image.

Bulk-import Facebook Power editor

The tool also lets you split-test almost all the elements of various ads and campaigns that you want to test. This is done using a feature called duplicate that you can find on the top navigation bar inside “All Campaigns”.


The duplicate button will help you duplicate the ad you have created, following which you can further edit to change one (or more) element (s) while keeping all the other elements the same as the original ad to test which ones work best.

Mobile device targeting is another important feature of the Facebook Power Editor. As a result of this tool, you can not only define users of the specific mobile platforms or brands (as you can see in the second image) you want to target, but also set the OS versions of Android and iOS that you want to target (see the images below).

Mobile Users facebook target options

Mobile Users facebook targeting options

Advanced targeting

The tool also gives you an additional control over ad targeting by allowing you to upload custom audiences via a CSV or txt file containing a list of email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook user IDs or app user ID. It also helps ad placement by helping you choose what, where, and when to place your ads.

Another time-saving feature of the tool is “Saved Target Group,” which allows you to save the target group that you have created for future use. The tool also allows you to manage an unlimited number of custom audiences, to which you can add or subtract at will.

There is an option called “lookalike audience” which helps you expand your page’s reach by suggesting the types of people who might be interested in the things that you have to offer. These suggestions are made on the basis of the customer lists you manage.


If you want to know about each and every buttons in the tool, which have been not detailed above for obvious reasons, then you must read the Facebook Power Editor Official Guide, as the tool is a must-have for anyone who is investing in Facebook ads. If you belong to the section that isn’t using this tool, then you must hop on and join the party because not doing ensures that you are cutting short the return you could have had on the money that you have invested on Facebook ads.