[Infographic] Facebook Timeline Vs Facebook Apps – Which One Should You Choose and When?

facebook timeline v/s facebook apps

When it comes to running a Facebook campaign, most of the brands are confused over the fact that whether the brand’s contest should be promoted using Facebook Timeline or a Facebook app. This infographic by KRDS explains Facebook Timeline Vs Facebook Apps based contests.

A timeline based campaign gives a short term engagement with the maximum engagement through likes, shares and comments. It increases the page’s reach and generate’s positive product advocacy. Timeline based contests can be promoted through images, videos and text. Facebook timeline based campaigns are cost effective and shows a fast execution.

A campaign based on Facebook apps gives a personalized experience to the users and helps the brands to stay connected to them for a long time. This type of campaign recruit new fans and help the respective brand to collect user data/CRM and approach them later via email. By using a Facebook custom tab, a Facebook app is established. A Facebook app guides the user and provides them educational transformation. It helps in understanding the orientation of data, understanding the engagement rates and social impressions.

However, if you want a promoted post on your Timeline contest, one cannot post an image containing more than 20% of text.

facebook timeline v/s facebook apps infographic