Why Choose Social Media as a Career Option?

social media as a career option

If you think that posting Facebook updates and tweeting 24×7 is all there is to Digital Marketing,you need to stop and think again, because that is not even the half of all that goes into it.

The marketing industry is getting increasingly complex for young graduates, who now have to succeed in a multi-functional system which calls for a unique skill set and requires quick adaptation to an ever changing scenario.

Ultimately, social media is the Bollywood of Advertising! Yes, it is all about entertainment, entertainment, entertainment. Great art, good copy, interesting conversations and much more.

This presentation gives every aspiring digital marketer practical advice on how to prepare for and begin a career in social media, while breaking every myth you ever had about working in the social media industry.


Harshil is one of the 4 core founders of FoxyMoron. A graduate from Jai Hind College, Mumbai, Harshil’s expertise lies in developing and creating unique strategies across Social Media platforms and Digital Marketing Brand campaigns. His core strengths lie in interface understanding and market readiness in terms of feature augmentation. Currently at FoxyMoron, Harshil’s key responsibilities include social media ideation, creative execution, digital media planning and buying, and SEO. Harshil Karia along with Pratik Gupta was ranked 50 in the Top 100 of the Digital World for 2012 by IMPACT Magazine. FoxyMoron is a Social Media Marketing and Digital Solutions agency that works with some of the biggest brands in India. The portfolio includes L'Oreal Group (Maybelline, Garnier, L’Oreal Paris), Foster's, Rajasthan Royals, AXN, McVities to name just a few. The core service areas are 360° Digital Marketing, Website Design & Development, Games & Applications and Media. Follow Harshil on Twitter: @harshilkaria