Social Media Campaign Review: BMW launches Dynamic1 Campaign to Promote Upcoming Dynamic BMW 1Series

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BMW dynamic drive facebook campaign

Second to only jewellery perhaps, cars are the biggest sellers during the festive season in India. With Audis, BMWs and Mercedes becoming the preferred choices in India, it is only natural that this festive season will see a host of promotions by car manufacturers. As newer models line up before customers, exciting online and offline promos are the order of the day.

To promote the upcoming Dynamic BMW 1 Series, which promises design that gives driving a new meaning, BMW ran a 15-day campaign named ‘Experience the Dynamic 1’.  Here is a look at the campaign.

BMW drive dynamic 1 social media campaignObjectives

BMW, recently ranked by Forbes as the world’s most powerful car brand, recently launched an integrated campaign online as well as offline, which they called ‘Experience the Dynamic 1’, the objective being to enable participants to experience the BMW brand at Germany. The idea was to put the spotlight on the Dynamic 1 series while getting the audience to interact and have fun online as well as offline.

BMW Dynamic drive social media campaignExecution:

To participate, one had to answer some questions, after a registration process at the dedicated website for Dynamic1.

10 lucky winners chosen from the contest were given the chance to go on an all expenses paid trip to Germany, which included an exclusive guided tour to BMW Welt and the BMW Museum in Munich. But, the plum prize was the privilege to be among the first to drive the BMW Series 1 with Sachin Tendulkar and FIA GT 1 World Championship race driver, Armaan Ebrahim.

BMW also hosted a 3-day weekend city challenge at various malls in major cities like New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, over July and August. People could drive the Dynamic1 on a virtual racetrack, invite their friends for a challenge, and win exciting BMW merchandise.

They could also drive the virtual BMW 1 Series using iPads on the said virtual tracks. Apart from winning and clearing the levels, drivers had to ensure that their cars did not veer off the racing track. An app on the Facebook page informed participants about the schedule, in addition to displaying the top scorers on a ‘Leaderboard’ and pictures in the ‘Gallery’ with a Facebook share button.

BMW Dynamic 1 drive social media campaign audiencePositives

Dynamic1 was dotted with pictures from the event, and there was a section titled ‘Keep me updated’ where participants could fill in their details to stay updated about Dynamic 1, which was one of the good aspects of the campaign.

The campaign had goodonline and offline integration.

The social media channels of BMW India strongly powered the campaign. The Facebook page kept their 1.9 BMW fans regularly updated about the contests. The page had plenty of pictures of the cars, the events and the virtual drive challenge. A " target="_blank">video starring Sachin Tendulkar inviting fans to experience the Dynamic 1, was also shared on the brand’s Facebook page.  The brand’s Twitter page, with 4K+ followers was replete with tweets similar to updates on the Facebook page.

BMW Dynamic 1 drive social media campaign Scope for Improvement

Innovative, unique and well managed; there is nothing I would really have wanted to add to this campaign.


With the Dynamic 1 campaign, BMW has only added to its social media efforts after the Ultimat3 or BMW X1. Giving fans the opportunity to experience much awaited luxury cars chosen from an online contest months before the launch in India, together with the chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar was a great move to stir up interest. A cool concept with good online and offline integration, the Dynamic 1 campaign bolstered BMW as an aspirational brand for Indian buyers.

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