Social Media Campaign Review: How OLX India Uses YouTube for Social Media Engagement

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olx mrs bech de youtube campaign, one of India’s leading online classifieds player has launched an advertising campaign exclusively on YouTube. Known for its innovative, interesting, and entertaining TVCs, OLX is now making its presence felt on social media. Jumping on to the YouTube platform, the brand is now using the video route to social media engagement.

olx youtube social media campaign


Through its series of 30-second videos, the classifieds brand is working to leverage the popularity of YouTube as a video sharing platform while bringing relevant ads based on the user’s needs. What's interesting about these ads is that the brand message is conveyed within the first five seconds, after which OLX's new brand mascot Mrs. Bech De, teaches you ‘how to sell.’


By including cars, jewellery, laptops, books, music systems, along with the other options, the video ads help the audience learn about different categories of products that can be sold or bought on OLX. In keeping with the central theme of the OLX ads, these ‘how to’ ads also follow the humorous theme in line with the brand’s popular and core ‘bech de’ message.

The ads are well scripted and shot; for instance, an ad for a ring begins with a breakup scene. When the guy asks the girl what to do with the ring, she advises him to sell it on OLX. This is followed by visual step by step instructions on how to sell that ring on the site.

olx youtube campaign mrs bechdePositives

The campaign is a very cool idea for YouTube ads. Made to catch the viewer’s attention while they are waiting for the ‘Skip ad’ link, the message is conveyed in less than five seconds and is designed to make you want to see more. It will definitely delight young audiences and allay the fear of those who are scared of selling things online or those who find it complex.

The new topic based YouTube campaign is aimed at making targeted viewers aware of the various categories of products which can be sold or bought on OLX. This has placed OLX far ahead on the social media platform.

The brand has worked towards creating exclusive content for social media while giving fans solid reasons to engage with it. Comprising eleven videos, the initiative aims at increasing the reach and popularity of the brand’s YouTube channel which has more than 4K subscribers, as well as promoting the videos on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page with a new cover photo is sharing the videos with Mrs. Bech De’s tips with its 8 million fans.

Scope for Improvement

Innovative, entertaining and attention grabbing, there’s nothing I would want to add to this campaign.


The OLX YouTube campaign comes at a time when brands are looking beyond TVCs and working towards creating social media content which will power promotional endeavors, while at the same time widening its reach and spread. Keeping the message simple and humorous, OLX has taken the very impactful video route to engagement on social media.

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