Social Media Campaign Review: Why Female Fashion Trends’ Campaign needs to have a Strategic Plan

Female Fashion Trends Logo

Female Fashion Trends, an online ‘female only’ retail store launched their online store, along with a pre-launch social media campaign on named Flip The Boxes


Female Fashion Trends (FFT) put up a contest that was primarily targeted at females buyers. The store added a Facebook app for female participants, which was a Flip the Box game.

The idea behind this Facebook contest was to gain new customers, and initiate them into the presence of FFT. They hoped this contest would help spread the word amongst the female audience as part of their pre-launch campaign.


Before participating in the contest, participants have to like the Facebook page.

Female Fashion Trends - Flip The Box Game

Once users have liked the page, they are directed to the game.

Female Fashion Trends - flip the box

After hitting the ‘Play Now’ button, users have to flip open the boxes to reveal the pictures in them. There are a total of 6 pairs and users have to flip and match them.

Female Fashion Trends - Flip The Boxes

After successfully finding the 6 pairs, users are asked to submit the score along with their name and email address.


The app is fairly easy to play and is visually pleasing for a simple app. It is a nice way to engage with the users.

Scope of Improvement:

There are several ways FFT could have made it better. Following are my several cents:

  1. There is hardly any attempt made to promote this contest. Only a few updates and that is about it. While the game is basic, it is good.
  2. There is no way to close the loop and relate the app to their website except for that one line at the top that mentions the URL. The game could have included an element that required users to go to their website and complete a task there. Making it a little difficult would have made the gameplay interesting.
  3. Instead of using vector images, I wish they had displayed actual product images from their website. Would have been more effective for them.


Female Fashion Trends’ Flip the Boxes game is fresh and the objective is good, but they need have a strategic plan in order to achieve the desired results.