Social Media Case Study: How Falafels Used Social Media to Delight a Fan!

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Social Seety Pvt Ltd


  • To create a buzz about Falafels Launch on social media.
  • To strengthen customer service and experience through social media.
  • To drive brand evangelism and loyalty.
  • To convert Facebook users to potential customers.
  • To harness into the power of word of mouth on social media.


  • By using the Facebook page as the core medium of communication.
  • By monitoring user comments and strategically responding to each, giving them an experience they wouldn’t forget.
  • One of their fans commented on the brand page, on the second day of the launch, asking how to order the product showcased in the update through Falafels.
  • They realized: A. They don’t have provisions for home delivery, and, B. He was one of their very early set of fans on the page.
  • So they decided to break the norm of Facebook responses and to reach out the customer in real life with an actual Facebook response.
  • They packed the same product that was showcased in the update, added a few more goodies and sent a note which carried the response to his comment.


  • A Facebook comment turned into a user delight, which in turn led to a potential customer.
  • The fan blog spread to three major PR dailies.
  • In a span of 24 hours it organically hit more than 2000 views.
  • It was picked up by major influencers on the digital space.
  • Their social mentions jumped by 30% in a span of 24 hours.
  • People talking about the brand 130% more than the fanbase.
  • The brand received more than 1 lakh impressions in a span of 48 hours of the launch organically.
  • There was a considerable increase in the order placements at the outlet and the Facebook page.
  • 1 Delighted Customer + A lot of word of mouth + Jump in evangelism = The Falafel Experience.