Social Media Case Study: How Lootera Kept their Audience Coming Back for More

lootera social media case study

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Black & White Look

To keep alive the vintage feel of the film, they turned their Facebook page completely Black and White, till the 1 lakh mark was reached. This became a talking point on Facebook and Twitter.

Exclusive pictures of the making of the film were shared with fans, which generated tremendous buzz and curiosity about the film.

The making of the film video: ‘Labour of Love’ was promoted through with the help of these pictures.

Interactive Posts & Memes

To avoid monotony in the tone and to keep the users engagement level constant, they used interactive posts based on popular lyrics and dialogues from the film.

Apart from this, they also posted funny Lootera memes on the page to balance the intense mood of the film with a few lighter elements, while still maintaining the connect to the core content of the film.

Lootera Poster Contest

They organized a Make Your Own Lootera poster contest in collaboration with The winning entry was put up on a outdoor hoarding in his/her city.

This also helped produce some great UGC in the form of fan art and posters which were later shared on their page, and was received with much enthusiasm by fans of the film.


Lootera Vintage Radio

Since the movie was set in the 50s, they developed the Lootera Radio app to give their fans a true blue vintage experience. Users could shift the tuner and with each frequency you could hear the amazing songs composed by Amit Trivedi.

Lootera Talkies (Movie Theater)

With the launch of the theatrical trailer, they launched the “Lootera Talkies” Facebook app that allowed fans to view the trailers and latest promos from the film and invite their friends to watch them as well.

Lootera Vintage Camera

To make the fans part of the period film experience, they launched the Vintage Camera App. Fans could upload images onto the app, apply any of the many vintage filters to their pictures and download them. Moreover, fans were encouraged to share their pictures with their loved ones through the app, and these pictures were all included in a special ‘Wall of Love’ tab on their page.

Album of Love:

A special Lootera picture flipbook named Album of Love was launched, through which fans could flip through exclusive stills from the film, helping us create a buzz around the immense visual appeal of the film.

Fans could share the entire album or individual pictures from it on the wall or with their friends.

Labour of Love:

This is a Facebook tab where fans can view all the video features related to the making of the film, as well as the video featurettes about the various aspects of making a period film like Lootera.



Twitter contests were smartly integrated with each asset launch (trailers/songs) using hashtags of the song name. Exclusive passes to promotional events and giveaways in the form of movie posters and merchandise were the driving incentive for the interaction.

They trended trended nationally throughout the period of promotions with hashtags like #Lootera, #SawaarLoon and #Shikayatein.

Live Tweets

Events such as the trailer launch, music Launch and the Mills and Boon book launch event were live-tweeted to make the audience feel like a part of the event with updates and exclusive pictures from the event stage.


Their targets was set at 2,00,000 fans, By the end of their promotional activities they had achieved over 2,40,000 fans and successful Twitter engagement with over 3,500 followers.

Through various apps, contests, creatives, behind the scene videos, fan art, trivia, conversations and other bonus content, they kept their audience coming back for more.