Social Media Case Study: How UAE Exchange Engaged its Community with #FLASHremit

uaexhange flashermit trivia contest

Brand Name:

UAE Exchange


FLASHremit is a facility, from UAE Exchange, that enables real time credit into bank accounts. Along with instant account credit, FLASHremit also sends an SMS notification to both the sender and the receiver, the moment, the money gets credited in the desired bank account.

uaexhange flashermit trivia contest


The purpose of FLASHremit Trivia Contest was to engage their online community, particularly on Twitter and create an in-depth awareness about the service. This engaging activity, in the Social Media space, built a level of excitement for the online community members encouraging them to interact with their favourite brand. The nature of the contest added to the ease and interest of the participants, ensuring strong participation, while the enticing prizes made it even more compelling. The questions, which sound easy, actually enable the participant to understand the service better. This will help in building awareness and strengthen the word of mouth publicity.

Objectives of the campaign:

  • To engage with potential customers.
  • To create awareness about the brand/service.
  • To build a compelling reason for interaction with customer using the unique nature of social media.
  • To increase visits to the global website, Youtube channel, blogs and other information sources of UAE Exchange.


  • Conceptualisation and creation of questions to be asked during the campaign, which would be educational, yet simple to answer.
  • Steps were taken to popularise the campaign and widen its reach. To further this, articles were published on various blogs, the news was shared on the company’s Facebook profile page, web banners were placed on corporate global website, blogs etc.
  • During the period of the campaign, two questions would be asked on the company’s Twitter profile, every day.
  • Twitter followers were prompted with a notification 30 minutes prior to the posting of the questions, to improve interaction.
  • Induced a competitive spirit among the participants by sharing the table of the points earned everyday, for the first 12 days of the campaign. The table included the score of each participant along with their names.


  • Twitter Followers increased by: 1015
  • 548 mentions (mentions include both #FLASHremit and @uaeexchange)
  • 112 Favorites
  • 19.58% increase visits to their global website
  • 1400+ views on their FLASHremit video on YouTube Channel

uaexhange flashermit trivia contest