[Free Download] 6 Social Media Agreement Formats

Social Media Agreement

When it comes to any kind of business dealings, having an iron clad contract is a wise thing. Not only does it keep you on track regarding your deliverables, they also watch your back when things go awry.

Download 6 Sample Social Media Contracts

Yes, I understand that a contract is a legal document and should ideally be prepared by a law expert, but not everyone can afford one. And that is the purpose of this article; to help people come up with a valid contract on their own. And at the end of this article, you can download 6 Social Media Agreements

I would strongly suggest against conducting any business deal based on just trust and verbal commitment. You MUST have it written on a piece of paper that carries legal weight.

Now without taking too much of your time, let me take you through the aspects that you must include in your Social Media Services Contract.


The contract should begin by identifying the client and service provider. The full business name (which is legally recognized), the address and the date on which the agreement is being made, should be mentioned clearly here.

Scope of Services

All your deliverables must be mentioned here, and you need to be as specific as you can. This is going to be a legally valid document, so make sure that there are absolutely no ambiguities here.


The most important aspect, right? The payment amount will be mentioned in this section along with the terms and conditions. Putting in the date on which the payment must be made every month on a legally binding document keeps you safe from clients who don’t loosen their purse strings easily.


Both parties will decide upon the confidentiality terms, under which no sensitive business details shall be shared by any of them to the general public. The data, intellectual property, business plans etc, should all be covered in here.

Terms and Conditions

Miscellaneous terms and conditions will be mentioned in this section. The most important point here is the Exit Clause. Ideally, each party should give each other a month’s notice before exiting, unless one has breached any other aspect of this agreement.

Another thing to mention here will be the validity of the agreement, as in the length of time the contract will remain valid. In certain cases, the client may ask you to insert a clause wherein you, the agency/consultant, shall not provide your services to their competitors.

What I have mentioned above is just a broad outline of a contract. But to give you a better picture, please find below few sample contract agreements. Please do not use the same copy everywhere, though. We would encourage you to add your own variations to it as per your requirements, because, as they say, one size doesn’t always fit all.

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