Social Media Case Study: Bullett Raja Film Promoted on Twitter through an Intercity Contest

bullett raja

Brand Name

Bullett Raja

Agency Name

m2m Interactive Solutions


To position the movie as an action drama entertainer:

  • One Man vs the Mafia, Politicians and Police.

To promote the tag line:

  • Aayenge toh Garmi Badhayenge.


  • Unlike other celebrities, Saif Ali Khan is not present on Twitter and has an otherwise limited fan following.
  • The trailer was scheduled to be launched on Monday, which led to all promotional activity beginning on a Sunday – a day which is usually low on Twitter interactions.
  • Ensuring that the momentum is on for an entire day. The contest started on 29th September at 2 PM and ended on 30th September, 1 PM.


  • An inter city competition was launched on Twitter challenging fans from various cities to show their love for Bullett Raja.
  • The city with the highest number of tweets would see the Bullett Raja Trailer first and get exclusive gifts.
  • An interactive Twitter heat map was created to boost the tagline “Aayenge toh Garmi Badhayenge” and to foster an inter-city rivalry.
  • Fans were asked to tweet as to why they would want Bullett Raja trailer to be released in their city first with the hashtag #wewantBullettRaja and mention their city name.
  • The higher the number of tweets, the faster the cities would reach their goal. These goals were represented through colours such as Yellow, Green, Orange and Red. When a city reached 100 tweets, it would turn into yellow, 300 tweets would get the city a Green and 500 tweets represented Orange.
  • At the end of the contest, the icon of the city with maximum tweets turned red.
  • Winners were declared as each level was conquered.


  • Twitter followers increased from 876 to 920 on 28th September and then increased to 1,227 by the end of the contest.
  • An increase of 357 followers and a growth of 40% in just 2 days was seen.
  • #wewantbulletraja trended on the 29th and 30th of September 2013.