Social Media Case Study: How Drove 40% of Traffic to its Site Using Facebook

Social Media Case Study

Brand Name


Being only a few months old in India wanted to use Facebook as its main social media channel to build its brand

Objectives of Facebook campaigns were:

  • Make people aware that they can save so much money through Cashkaro
  • Get fans to sign-up to Cashkaro (free membership)
  • Build Facebook as a key customer relationship management channel
  • Raise awareness of the brands Cashkaro has partnered with
  • Increase take-up of Cashkaro Deals and offers
  • Channel for new product launches e.g. restaurant offers launch
  • Educate people about who Cashkaro and Cashback works, timelines of payments, method etc
  • Understand more about fans’ shopping preferences so content can be customised
  • Engage fans on a daily basis which makes them think of Cashkaro more often


Participation Driven:

  • A carefully thought out content strategy was planned for Cashkaro Facebook page every month. Cashkaro also engaged Echovme, a leading social media agency in India to manage Cashkaro’s social media strategy & implementation
  • Interesting deals, posts, questions, puzzles were posted everyday that made people participate with the brand and prompted them to Like & Share the content

Deals Driven:

  • Along with interesting questions and puzzles Cashkaro also posts attractive deals. Fans respond really well to these and share generously as well

Comic Strips Driven:

  • In a recent campaign, Cashkaro introduced a brilliant comic strip with characters Raja and Rani who share their funny shopping experiences and how Rani loves shopping through Cashkaro
  • The series has had 15 episodes so far showing great creativity, ideas and demonstration of how Cashkaro works
  • Fans have absolutely loved this series and commented, shared and Liked many posts. The full series can be seen here.

Customer Relationship Driven:

  • Facebook has become an important channel of customer relationship management for Cashkaro
  • Potential members come to ask queries about how much Cashback they can earn on purchases while existing members come with feedback and transaction queries. A number of comments are exchanged between members and Cashkaro, showing healthy engagement and interaction
  • Facebook is being used as an important feedback channel through many testimonials were received

Face of Cashkaro Campaign:

Cashkaro launched a Face of Cashkaro campaign where people sent in pictures expressing how much they love Cashkaro!

Contests Driven:

Exciting contests and prizes kept Cashkaro’s community engaged and also helped build their understanding of how Cashkaro works.


  • Cashkaro Facebook Fan base increased from 17,000 fans to about 2.9 Lac fans in less than 6 months (mid-April to end-September)
  • In such a short duration, Cashkaro has become one of the fastest growing Cashback & Coupon sites in India. Cashkaro gets about 40% of its traffic from Facebook
  • Cashkaro has among the largest Facebook presence of all deals related sites in India
  • Cashkaro has among the highest engagement on its Facebook page even when compared to much larger, older and well established Indian ecommerce brands
  • Many everyday posts got over 1,000 Likes and a number of comments and Shares