Social Media Case Study: Google Delights People with Virtual Fans During YouTube Brandcast

Google YouTube Brand Cast The Virtual Paparazzi

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This event was an informal get-together of stakeholders in the YouTube Ecosystem, consisting of top brands, advertisers, artists and YouTube celebrities.

It was a mega event where you look back at the journey till date and step in to the future that is ahead. Google’s YouTube Brandcast attempts to highlight this changing face of content consumption, provide relevant video consumer insights.


  • To surprise and delight everyone right at the entrance.
  • To inspire and exhibit creativity.
  • To connect Google+ Live to the event.


A tunnel with motion sensors was created as the entrance to the event, while back projected walls formed the sides of this tunnel. Here, virtual fans (pre-shot people) were waiting for people to arrive, and take their pictures. As soon as someone entered the tunnel, these virtual fans would spring into action, and real flashes that had been pre-installed fired and pictures were taken by real digital cameras.

These pictures went up on the Google Plus event page immediately. The facial recognition feature of Google Plus auto tagged people on the network.

A live feed of the page was displayed for people inside the event, so whoever was inside also knew who had just walked in.