Brand Name

Pearson India

Agency Name

Adhog Interactives


Pearson India is known and recognised for imparting education around the globe, as well as for providing numerous opportunities in education, by offering effective, accessible, and personalized learning for all kinds of people, in every walk of life.


Pearson Education joined social media with a wish to reach out to students and parents who rely hugely on social networking sites and the world wide web. They wanted to bridge the gap between the education provider and seeker, by launching them across 7 platforms on social media namely, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+.


In order to market themselves well, Pearson India leveraged 7 social networking platforms.


  • The core strategy was to present the brand in a way so as to make the audience like and appreciate it.
  • Facts and information were shared in an appealing and interesting manner.


  • Hashtags that could be associated with Pearson India were created.
  • #LearnInATweet and #AlwaysLearning were the hashtags that were created to represent Pearson India and interesting facts and information were shared with the hashtags.


They cross promoted their other social networking platforms and shared updates about their company.


  • On Quora, Pearson India has gained over 600 followers, and they also have an active blog.
  • Many of Pearson India’s answers on Quora have been upvoted establishing the brand’s unique view about news and the education sector.


  • They provided students with videos that help them understand things easily and quickly.
  • The brand has over 100 subscriptions on the YouTube account.


They shared information using dedicated boards on each subject, like Biology, Chemistry, etc.


They carried out two campaigns: #Ilearntfromdad and #Pearsonthankyourteacher

Thank You Teacher:

  • A microsite was launched to promote the Thank Your Teacher activity.
  • Users were given a chance to thank their teacher by uploading a video with a thank you message.
  • To promote the same, a Twitter contest was launched which trended in India on Teacher’s Day and managed to gather more entries on the microsite later.
  • They sent a special Thank You card to teachers on behalf of the user, free of cost.
  • They sent out e-mails to students, encouraging them to participate in the initiative and thank their teachers.

I Learnt From Dad:

  • On the occasion of Father’s Day, they asked the Twitterati to recollect the learning they had imbibed from their Fathers.
  • 30 minutes into the contest, the hashtag #Ilearntfromdad trended across India.


  • Today, Pearson India is one of the largest communities on social media across Pearson worldwide.
  • Total Facebook Fans: 42,000+ and it is growing at 200% each quarter.
  • Average weekly audience engagement: over 3,500.
  • Average weekly audience reach: over 1,35,000.

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