Top 9 Indian Celebs Who Are #Fail On Twitter

Rahim Musani
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Twitter, the microblogging site is a platform that gives celebs a place to connect with their fans. However, not all the celebs get the point, because it seems like they are trying to lose their fans, based on the stuff they tweet everyday. As if being on our television and theatre screens wasn't enough, they decided to show off their tech savvy and join Twitter. What it is they do on Twitter, is best left unseen.

We've given you a disclaimer already, and bring to you now, the top 9 Indian celebs who are a #fail on Twitter:

#9 Sreesanth

Oh, you meant there is more to cricket than being loyal to your team? Unlike his life, there is not much happening on his Twitter page.

sreeshanth tweet

#8 Baba Sehgal

The stuff that he talks about is six years old, probably because his mom dropped him on his head when he was six months old. He tries to act like Snoop Dogg, but then he morphs into Li'l Wayne. We apologize for the hideous rap, but it is just a preview of what you're in for if you follow him.

Our advice: Don't follow him.

baba sehgal tweets


#7 Sambhavna Seth

Nautanki! The first and only thing that come to my head every time I read her tweets.

sambhavana seth tweets

#6 Poonam Pandey

18+ content. Her Twitter page looks more like a Google Image search than her Twitter profile.

poonam pandey tweets

#5 Dolly Bindra

It’s better to stay confused than to be stupid. Dolly Bindra may not agree.

dolly bindra tweets

#6 Mallika Sherawat

One movie with this guy and she acts like they're best friends forever.

mallika sherawat on twitter

This ‘gal’ sure knows how to show off her wardrobe.

mallika sherawat tweets

#3 Mika Singh

I am at a loss of words to describe his Twitter profile!

mika singh tweets

#2 Ram Gopal Varma

Are you shore? Because some dogs can be real beaches.

Ram Gopal Verma tweet

#1 Kamaal R Khan!

This guy is a must follow. You’ll enjoy his tweets and his honest opinions about almost everything. His favorite hashtag is #2RsPpl.

KRK on Twitter

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