4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance

facebook ad performance

Facebook ads is picking up big time with lots of big brands and SMBs leveraging it to market their offerings. But more often than not, they tend to stick to their usual ad strategy and don’t experiment much.

This is a big folly, resulting in a less than satisfactory performance.

With Facebook ads, you should be tinkering around as much as you can so that you improve the performance of your ad campaigns. Following are some ways you can go about it:

Custom Audiences

Apart from targeting people based on their interests and demographics, Facebook also allows you to target those who are connected to you outside Facebook. If you have a database of email IDs of your present and old customers, you can create a list of your desired custom audience who are on Facebook using the same email ID.

Now you can target this group with ads for products that are specifically relevant to them.

PS: Custom Audiences is only available via Facebook Power Editor.

Try All Facebook Ad Types

Don’t forget to try out all the ad types that Facebook has to offer. From the usual stamp ads to promoted posts, make sure you give all of them a fair chance. Want to target mobile users? Target your ads to only mobile users!

You will eventually end up with one avenue that is most profitable to your ad campaign.

Vary Copy and Image

Either it’s plain laziness or a poor strategy when most businesses go with just one image and a single copy. By having multiple ad images and copies, you will be able to see how your target audience reacts to different forms of communication. These variations will eventually lead you to a bunch of ad copies that yield really good results for your brand.

Post Good Quality Content

When you’re running an ad campaign to build your community, it should be well supplemented by good content. You don’t want to bore your new set of audience with run of the mill content that is also mundane, inherently leading to unlikes.

So ensure that your content is good and targeted towards the new members in your community. The content should entice them to interact with your page as soon as they like it, and should keep posting such content regularly. Let them engage with you every day.

I hope you found these suggestions useful for your upcoming ad campaigns. They are simple to follow; but as it is with everything in life, the simplest things are the most potent ones.

Feel free to share your questions or suggestions in the comments section.