A Nomadic Shepherd Needs You: #HalfStories Calls Out for Your Support Through Social Media

Most of you would be already aware of our association with Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative where we are supporting the #HalfStories phase of the campaign.

To the uninitiated, Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is a pan-India initiative encouraging people to build a better future both by inspiring people to ‘do right’ and by providing them the platforms to ‘do right’.

#HalfStories – The Journey of Doing Right, which is the second phase of the Do Right initiative by Tata Capital, will see the Do Righter Pankaj Trivedi travel from Dharamsala to Guwahati identifying everyday people and their stories of courage, perseverance and determination.

Tata Capital - #HalfStories - Biker

Each week they will bring us a new story, a new life struggling to fight against odds, asking us to support them.

The First Story

The journey has begun and we have already come across our first story of courage.

Meet Aatmaram from a nomadic community of shepherds who has lived with his flock of sheep since he was 13 years old. The season of summer sees the land dry up and he has to climb 15000 feet along with his flock for greener pastures.

Tata Capital - #HalfStories - Aatmaram

And this climb is strenuous and ridden with vicious challenges. From wild animals to harsh climatic conditions and severe rainfall, Aatmaram faces all of them day in and day out with courage.

Watch his story in the video below:

We got goose bumps watching this! Could you have thought of any other way of connecting to this soul in the interiors of a village in a hilly region? This is the power of Social Media!

Time for Your Good Deed of The Year

His courage needs our support. To protect himself and his flock, Aatmaram is short of several basic amenities such as a tent and light. To help him provide these necessary equipment, Tata Capital is looking to raise Rs. 11,500 purely via social media because they believe in the medium’s potential to bring change into people’s lives.

And Social Samosa has already pledged its contribution towards helping Aatmaram fulfil his needs and further reinforce that social media can go beyond armchair activism and bring real change.

But what about you? We know our readers are a bunch of kind souls and we are sure you’d do your bit to add value to Aatmaram’s life as well.

How Can You Help

Contribute:The amount of Rs 11,500 will help Aatmaram with a survival kit of a tent, two solar lights and two sleeping bags. If you can spare any amount of money from your wallet (no matter how big or small), you are more than welcome to do so by clicking here.

Spread the word: Do what you do best: Tweet/Share/Pin or even poke. Nudge your friends/following to go through his life story.

In all this we wonder, does Atamaram know, thousands of people are watching his video on YouTube, sharing it on Facebook, Tweeting it to their followers, and we have a big grin on our face!