IB Chief Recommends Prime Minister to Bring Twitter, Facebook Under Indian Laws

Facebook twitter under Indian law

The director of Intelligence Bureau, Asif Ibrahim, considers that foreign content providers like Facebook and Twitter should be added under the Indian laws, like a few other countries have. On Saturday 23rd November, the concluding day of the annual conference of Directors General and Inspectors General of Police, the IB Chief made the recommendation that will make these website answerable to Indian laws.

After considering the vulnerabilities and holding a special discussion for two days, Ibrahim indicated the need to take steps in order to overcome the challenges in the cyber space.

After the recent communal violence, social media platforms were being used to instigate the recent communal violence.

It was observed that while security agencies in India were handicapped with technical and procedural constraints, foreign law enforcement agencies have unfettered access to social media

specified Asif.

Even previously, there have been voices echoing similar feelings.

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