Social Media Campaign Review: Louis Philippe Promotes its Winter Collection through an Interactive Social Experience

Apeksha Harihar
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Louis Philippe The Dressing Room

Brand Name

Louis Philippe

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Jack in the Box Worldwide


Louis Philippe has created various interesting campaigns such as Knot in 15 and The Style League etc. which are always well aligned with the brand image. A leading clothing brand, Louis Philippe has established a sizeable community size on its social media platforms, always harnessing the power of these communities to build an impressive online reputation.


Louis Philippe has initiated a Digital Campaign to promote the launch of its Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. The Dressing Room is a campaign all set to target youngsters and build product awareness for the brand. Jack In The Box (JITB), the digital agency handling their mandate, wanted to launch the collection in the most exciting way possible.


A microsite has created for the campaign where details of the prizes, rules, leaderboard and other information are present. Users can log into the microsite using Facebook or Twitter and save their spot.

Louis Philippe The Dressing Room

Vidyut Jamval, the famous actor, has been roped in for participants to style. Users are given the unique chance to turn stylist and showcase their skills by ravaging through the latest collection of Louis Philippe. The users are then being encouraged to dress the actor for a date. All this action will be executed through the microsite along with an interactive live streaming session hosted on Louis Philippe’s website.

During the live streaming, users can tweet their messages which will be answered by Vidyut Jamwal in realtime. This live streaming is being held today and users can participate using the #LPDressingRoom which have been created for the campaign.

The campaign is being promoted on the Facebook page and the brand's Twitter account through various teaser posts. Posts showcasing a countdown have been posted in an attempt to increase curiosity among users.

Louis Philippe Facebook post

Louis Phillipe Tweet

There will be four winners of the campaign, who will be chosen depending on the number of votes they receive. They will be gratified with brand new wardrobes presented by the brand, specially styled for them by a stylist in Bangalore, where the winners will be flown to.


An Interactive Experience that Promotes Brand Experience

This campaign has successfully aligned the brand image across platforms, starting from the microsite hosted on the brand’s website as well as being extended to social media properties. The campaign presents the new collection very interestingly and offers users an interactive experience with the same.

The participants can dress up a mannequin with shirts, pants, jackets etc. and showcase their dressing sense. While dressing the actor for a date, the user will hunt through the collection, automatically exposing himself/herself of the products.

It thus creates a recall value when the user spots this collection at a store since they have already been emotionally invested to certain items clothing. This emotional connect will create a want within the customer to own a piece of clothing.

One of a kind live stream session integrated with Twitter

Live Streaming is usually a part of events and not many brands have experimented with this kind of an online activity. It engages the user since they can look forward to receiving answers to their tweet almost immediately after asking their question. The fans can actually feel connected with the brand since it happens on a real time basis.

When integrated with Twitter, the activity is exposed among a large number of users, promoting the brand repeatedly among friends of fans.

Very well thought out gratification

Usually we have seen the gratification of many contests or activities on Social Media as being iPhones, iPads or random vouchers. Louis Philippe’s gratification is in tandem with the brand objectives. Offering a wardrobe with the Louis Philippe collection is like turning the 4 winners into brand ambassadors for life. It is offering a sense of pride and adds a sense of style among users who win and turn other participants into aspiring Louis Philippe customers.

Easy Interface

The microsite has a very friendly interface and loads very fast, with very easy navigation. Applications can be a put off when they are slow but JITB has done a great job and has built a perfect application. Within the same window, one can choose between options, enter their explanation of the style, fetch information on ‘How to Play,’ as well as logout.

The dressing room Louis Philippe

Scope for Improvement

The brand could have launched their pre-buzz activities a little earlier to create more curiosity among users. Nevertheless, the campaign seems to be very strong. Live Streaming activities, promotions on Facebook and Twitter chats should be quite enough to build the buzz.


Styling and Fashion usually play a challenging role in the minds of a consumer. Louis Philippe is restoring faith in the minds of its customers through this campaign since a common user turns stylist for an actor overnight.

The brand not only encourages a sense of dressing smartly and stylishly for an occasion, it does so using its own products as the backdrop. Users endorse Louis Philippe products when they ask their friends to vote for the look. Personally, I believe this will be a simple campaign executed well to achieve some good results.

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