Social Media Campaign Review: Vespa India Gets into the Festive Spirit, this Diwali

Another Diwali centric campaign that’s cashing in on the festive spirit that sweeps across India this time of the year, Vespa, the automobile brand has chosen the right time to launch a social media campaign.


The contest with Diwali as its theme is a way of engaging with audiences about celebrating life in its little moments.


Hosted on a dedicated Facebook app, the Vespa Diwali campaign encourages fans to share their Diwali moments by:

  • Uploading their favorite Diwali photos of their city
  • Sharing the photos with Vespa India through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

On Facebook send them an inbox message. On Twitter tweet at @Vespa_In with #VespaDiwali. On Instagram share photos with them @vespaindia with #VespaDiwali. Keep your fingers crossed and you could win exciting prizes!

Vespa India


The campaign is simple with a festive theme.  Timed just right as Diwali is the time many people purchase new automobiles and Vespa might just be able to leverage its sales with this campaign.  The brevity of the campaign which runs from 31st October to 3rd November is a good thing, the campaign is not a long drawn out one which in fact contributes to keeping interest alive.

Celebrating the festive spirit through photos and winning prizes for the same is not too complicated and fun. The offline aspect is also taken care of. By letting people share photos on three platforms they seek to garner greater participation online.

Scope for Improvement

It is just a photo-upload upload contest, there is nothing unique about it. Moreover, it lacks integration. They have made no ateempt to link the contest app to all the three platforms, for the convenience of the users.

The Brand could have curated this user generated content by quoting their participants or mentioning them across all their social networks.


In keeping with its brand message that encourages people to celebrate life in moments Vespa seems to have picked the right time to get people involved in its festive promotional endeavour.