Social Media Campaign Review: Xbox Promotes Xbox 360 with Karaoke Night Campaign

Xbox 360 India Karoke Nights campaign

A great way to engage with the audience, the Xbox Karaoke Night campaign is a wonderful initiative for all music lovers. The campaign seamlessly blends in fun and entertainment along with a clever positioning of the xbox 360.


The Xbox Karaoke Night Campaign promotes the Xbox 360 and engages its target audience, which is mainly the young at heart who love music and yes, those who love to sing!


The campaign is powered by a dedicated Facebook app.

You go to the Xbox Facebook page, like it, and then invite at least ten close friends through this app to a Karaoke Night at a venue of your choosing.

Your friends then need to confirm their presence and make as much noise as they can about your party on this app (read: get them to comment, like and share). The more they participate, the higher your chances of winning.

Those who can prove that they have the noisiest friends on this app will receive a visit from the folks from Xbox, who will come over to your chosen venue with an Xbox 360 and set up a fun filled karaoke party.

Xbox 360 India Karoke Nights

Once the party starts, you can also play exciting games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports, FIFA 14, and Racing Games. You can also browse the internet with the Internet Explorer app, as well as explore their line-up of entertainment apps like YouTube, Crunchyroll, and Kinect Fun Labs.


The campaign is innovative and truly social. It has the potential to go viral because it involves inviting and sharing an event with friends through likes and comments.  A great initiative that promotes Xbox 360 and encourages more people to indulge in Karaoke as a form of entertainment, and this way it has both the online and offline integration covered.

Scope for Improvement

Perhaps some more online buzz would have let more people know about this endeavor.


The Xbox Karaoke Night campaign is a good initiative which positions the Xbox 360 as a way to let people have fun with music both online and offline.