How MTV’s Coke Studio has Leveraged Social Media to Engage Audiences [Report]

The Indian television series Coke Studio, produced by MTV India, has been appreciated by its viewers since its launch in July 2011. The hourly series of Coke Studio focuses on live music performances of various music genres. The show is currently in its third season, which went on air from August 17, 2013 on MTV.

Simplify360 did an analysis of  MTV’s Coke Studio on social media from 20th August to 20 September 2013. This monthly analysis explains how effectively Coke Studio has leveraged social media to engage audiences:

  • Ram Sampath is the most talked about producer with a mention score of 1,083, followed by A.R. Rahman with a mention score of 891. The last in this category is Hitesh Sonik with a score of 48.
  • The two most leveraged social media platforms by Coke Studio is Facebook and Twitter. The show has more than a 22 lakh following on Facebook, and over 10 thousand on Twitter.

Analysis of Ram Sampath:

  • ‘Kattey’ by Ram Sampath, Bhanvari Devi, and Hard Kaur is the most shared video of MTV’s Coke Studio.
  • The video has garnered more than 1 lakh views on YouTube.
  • The song has got 47% positive engagement.

Analysis of A R Rahman:

  • Second in lead, A R Rahman’s song ‘Zariya’ is the most shared video on social media.
  • It has received 50% positive response from the audience with more than 1.7 lakh views.

Analysis of Clinton Cerejo:

  • Pir Jalanai sung by Clinton Cerejo and Barmer Boys has got more than 1.3 lakh views on YouTube.
  • The sentiments of fans towards this song is 69%.

Analysis of Salim Sulaiman:

  • Salim Sulaiman’s ‘Bismillah’ is also one of  the most shared videos.
  • It has got more than 4.5 lakh views on YouTube.

Analysis of Papon:

  • ‘Tauba’ of Papon and Benny Dayal has got 1.5 lakh views on YouTube.
  • It has also received the least negative sentiment of audiences.

Analysis of Amit Trivedi:

  • ‘Rabba’ by Amit Trivedi, Tochi Raina and Jaggi got the least number of views on YouTube.
  • This song also engaged the most number of female viewers.

Analysis of Hitesh Sonik:

  • His performance with Jyoti and Sultana Nooranis has got 97% of the positive response.
  • The videos of Hitesh Sonik’s songs in Season 2 are shared more than his performances in Season 3.

Overall, the popularity of the show on social media is indicating a downward trend.

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