Social Media Case Study: DLF Place Fight For Social Causes with a Facebook Campaign

DLF Place Case study

Brand Name

DLF Place, Saket

Agency Name

The Cufflinks


Finally, the one mall that answers all the prayers of the urban denizens, bringing together a sterling shopping experience, a gourmet trail, an entertainment platform and a fantasy land for children, all under one illustrious roof: DLF Place, Saket, the most successful and happening place in South Delhi that packs all the punch.

Diwali, The Festival of Lights usually comes with a lot of bang and card playing. But this year they went a little off the board and started a fun-filled yet eco-friendly Campaign with DLF Place Saket on Facebook. They introduced a contest called ‘Be a Non-Pataka Celeb’.

This contest was generated to create awareness amongst the people towards the serious issues faced during the festival in a more fun manner, and spreading the message, that saying NO to crackers can actually be cool.


  • Fight against the social cause of Child Labor, due to the children employed in Cracker factories, and environmental cause of air and noise pollution.
  • Targeting to increase the brand equity of the existing brand name to higher margins.
  • Engagement and awareness of the causes to the fans and their involvement in the same.
  • Increase in the participation of people with the brand name on various social media platforms.


The contest ‘Be a Non Pataka Celeb’ showcased a completely new concept, which was very well executed.

Fans were asked to upload their picture and select a pledge from the pre-defined ones through the drop box.

Each photo submission was followed by customizing the playing card, with the players’ face itself , wherein the male participants were given a king card with their photo on it, and the females given a Queen Card with their photo.

Each personalized card was then allowed to be shared on various social media platforms like Facebook (Invite your Friends), Twitter, and Instagram.


No. of increase in Page Likes in 20 days – 2,500 approx (Organic Totally).

Total No. of Entries – 92

No. of maximum votes – 102

This contest generated heavy traffic also on Twitter with all their participants sharing their customized cards on their Twitter Accounts with the Hashtag #IPledgeToBeANonPatakaCeleb.