Twitter Showcases Best Practices, Success Stories on New Media Site

Twitter new media site

For a long time in the social media world, the twitter-verse has just been about hash tags and 140 characters, but the recent launch of the “Twitter media site” is all set to expand horizons. Using your twitter id you can log onto the website to explore this new realm.

The home page of the websites enlists categories of T.V, Music, Government, Sports, News, Non profits and Faith, for which Twitter has initiated dedicated channels for users to keep track and follow their interests. The new website will educate and provide tools regarding various industries on Twitter.

Twitter media site

Another feature the website has incorporated is the basics tab, which is a support guide that’s explains every aspect of twitter intricately. This micro blogging site has taken a leap towards establishing itself as a media company, and is doing a pretty good job.

The site also enlists success stories of media twitter campaigns launched over time in their related industries. These success stories not only set example for the Indian media to follow suit but also give a vivid graphic results of how the interaction can be monitored. Based on what your likes and interests are one can subscribe for their monthly newsletter and keep track of what’s happening.

Their Best Practices tab is a guide to some of twitter’s best features available for everyone’s disposal. Tweeting behind the scenes, engaging followers, promoting content, are just some examples of what is available to everyone just a click away. Every issue your profile faces can now be resolved by this online hub.

Although Twitter has taken its time to launch this platform, this nerve centre is designed to get the brands global as well as make twitter a uniform platform and not divide the knowledge just because of borders.

The twitter india blog

Their blogging site attached to this media site dives into further details about Twitter and enhances your knowledge about various benefits. It will surely take some time to get adjusted to this website and gradually incorporate its value into all our strategies, but Indian brands and examples are already seen on the site and our markets will now slowly expand into a whole new dimension.