Showcasing 5 Rotational Curation Accounts in India

Twitter never fails to amuse us does it? Whether it’s the trending topics, outrage of the day, people resigning on Twitter or others finding the love of their life, twitter has something to offer to everybody. It has this amazing ability to create new stuff each day, to build it’s own personality that no other social network could replicate with ease. Though it started in 2006, Twitter recreates itself each day. #FollowFriday , #NowPlaying, Brand contests, or curated accounts, the community gives birth to ideas and activities that become an integral part of Twitter. We are touching upon once such idea that has now become a part of our daily surfing – Rotational Curation accounts. Of the various account within the country, we have hand-picked a couple of accounts to showcase

we are mumbai twitter

@WeareMumbai Established in Sept. 2012, this is India’s first Rotational Curation account. Every week the admin of the account changes and various smart twitter users are given an opportunity to tweet about Mumbai, share their experiences and thought with the ever increasing followers the account possess. Ever since the first week of its inception, @WeareMumbai has twitter followers increasing by the minute, with various brands coming forward to associate themselves with the handle, this handle will soon establish itself immensely

we are hindustan@WeareHindustan

An account to connect Indians from all over the world, this handle offers its followers a chance to interact and reconnect. Currently in their 41st week, this account talks about everything Indian possible, places to visit, cuisines, weather, and experiences.

With over 14k followers this account gives Indians staying abroad an opportunity to live moments they are missing back home. The current admin has been sharing all her travels and experiences of Leh Ladakh.

we are bangalore@WeareBangalore

This account started off relatively much later than the Mumbai handle, but follows the same concept. Twitter users from Bangalore keep the ardent followers informed about various interesting places in the city.

The current admin for the account is generally mentioned in the bio, and this week it is @spicy_words (Sahana Rao).

we are culcutta twitter@WeareCalcutta:

Many prefer calling this city Kolkata, but their handle is indifferent to this opinion and prefers to remains the same old Calcutta. Using the hashtag, #WeAreCalcuttans a recent post got their followers to tweet in lovely things about the city as well as share pictures and experiences.

The admin @ranganAlltheway took over the account a week back, and has engaged the audiences all the way.

A #calcuttasecretsanta game is also being played on the handle where interested participants sign up on the circulated excel sheet and partake in spreading the Christmas cheer.

we are chandigarh twitter


Although the city isn’t a metropolitan one, this twitter handles seems to abuzz with various tweets about the place.

The admin over the past week has been running various competitions including a picture competition that gets followers to post pictures of the lovely city and share it on twitter. Brands are yet to come on board and connect with the followers, but they soon will.

Rotational Curation gives each handle fresh content and a new identity. So here’s wishing all the curators and potential curators all the best in helping various handles gain an impressively new perspective.