8 Digital Trends That Will Shape Marketing & Communications in India in 2014

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Eight Awesome Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

As the world is aggressively heading towards Digitization which has entrenched foothold in each and every domain, the world of Marketing and Communication cannot remain an exception. This is one of the core sphere which is most disrupted and impacted by the tornado of Digitization.

WE Studio D ASIA-PACIFIC has come up with an insightful report that aims to depict the major Digital trends the world will witness on arena of Marketing and Communication in India and across Asia Pacific.

The key highlights of the report are:-

  1. Data mining and data analytics will drive brand communications and content marketing.
  2. Rich content embedded with creativity, context and target segments will fuel the growth of communication and story-telling.
  3. Customer engagement with brands will be measured by a single, integrated and enhanced model of ROI besides existing KPIs.
  4. With the deep penetration of mobile and smartphones, brands will engage customers, deliver message and content belligerently via IMs like WhatsApp and WeChat.
  5. “Social care” will be at the heart and core of the organization. With the proliferation of big data and predictive analysis modelling, brands will address the customer issues and agendas in real-time environment.
  6. The use of virtually all channels and media of communication will be seen.
  7. The world will witness brand communication as the major differentiating factor that will drive the entire business and commerce.
  8. Trend towards hybrid organizational structure/ hybrid teams in Marketing and Communication domains in particular will be witnessed.

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