How to Generate Quality Leads With Twitter Lead Generation Card

In a world full of marketing messages, some complementary and some contradictory, but all verbose, Twitter’s brevity is awe inspiring. It’s not just the novelty factor (and that sense of achievement gained for being short yet communicative) which makes us drool over all of the mere 140 characters that Twitter allows us to express ourselves, but we are also glued to Twitter because, despite its succinctness, which at times feels crude, the micro-blogging platform helps us fulfill our business objectives.

We will see in the following paragraphs how Twitter can help in generating quality leads for your business as well.

Use Twitter Lead Generation Card

Do you use Twitter’s promoted tweet to bring your tweet in front of thousands of targeted Twitter users? If the answer is yes, then here is some news which will help you gain more from each instance of promoted tweets that you use. In May this year, Twitter had rolled out something called Lead Generation Card to a limited number of advertisers, which has been now made available to all advertisers.

The Lead Generation card helps advertisers collect qualified leads right from the promoted tweet. It enables you to embed a call to action button and an email sign-up form in the expanded version of a tweet.

Twitter lead Generation card

How does it work?

Setting up a lead generation campaign on Twitter using this new tool is not a difficult task. It just takes a couple of minutes to do so, and almost all email marketing software has either included this feature in the mix or is in the process to do so. In the trial run, it was not possible for advertisers to extract leads from Twitter advertisers to a CSV file, but in the final version, the micro-blogging website has included it.

You can also use it to directly interact with your CRM system. Twitter has improved the analytics of its promoted tweets and the Lead Generation Card to give advertisers important metrics to help it analyze and optimize card designs and other features to get quality leads.

After registering your business for a Twitter ad account, you’ll need to integrate your CRM system, and then you’ll be taken to the Twitter Advertising Interface where you can create your Lead Generation Card. Afterward you need to provide URLs where the leads would be sent.

Why should you use the Twitter Lead Generation Card?

One of the things that derail any lead generation campaign is the large volume of unqualified and invalid leads. This new Twitter feature has taken care of this by pre-filling the card with the email in the account, which in most cases is the best email address of the account holder.

Another benefit of the new tool is, that it enables you to interact with your customers in the setting that they like, and on the platform where they are most active. This will add to their experience, leading to a significant growth in your mailing list.

You can also walk leads thus acquired through a predefined marketing program, beginning probably with a series of welcome mails, customized ads on their mobile devices (based on the interaction), custom offers, as well as by objection handling through mails.

Twitter has rolled out Lead Generation Card for all languages, and it will display where the Twitter card currently displays on all platforms.

What do you think about the Lead Generation Card? Do you think it will benefit businesses? Share your opinion in the comments below or drop us an email. We’d love to hear what you think.