If Rajinikanth had a LinkedIn Profile, It Would Look Like This!

Apeksha Harihar
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Rajinikanth Linkedin

Rajinikanth jokes have entertained us to no limit and have been doing the rounds on mobile messaging for a couple of years. The joke has now been flitted on LinkedIn in a unique marketing approach.

A LinkedIn account has been created using Rajinikanth’s name, titled Rajinikanth (Mind It!), making him a Superhero working for Rajinikanth Corps Pvt. Unlimited. The account has quirky, hilarious details describing his skills, strengths and accolades.

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have been employed by most brands to successfully launch digital campaigns. LinkedIn, not many! A parody LinkedIn account is definitely one of a kind and an innovative marketing effort by Shine Career Plus Team. Have a look!

Rajinikanth Linkedin

Isn't this a refreshing break from the world of cliched marketing!

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