Social Media Agency Feature: Kreata Global – A Digital Communication Agency

Kreata global logo

Kreata global logo

Who are we?

Kreata Global is a team of internet junkies who wrack their brains 24×7 to keep you in the limelight. We operate out of Bangalore, Kochi, and Dubai.

Dubai Team

Kochi Team

What’s in the name?

It stands for creativity that’s cutting-edge and at par with global standards. We come up with innovative modes of digital communication, which is guaranteed to mine into deeper depths of brand awareness.

What we do?

We create great Social Media Campaigns, Facebook Apps, Games, Rich Media Ads and whole lot of interesting stuff. We are also involved in Web Development and Management, and everything else that keeps your brand active online.

Why we do it?

We do it, so your brand gets maximum exposure. With the world gone digital, you need to market your brand to a global and tech-savvy audience and we help you do it.

How we evolve?

By keeping our eyes, ears and most importantly, our minds, open. There are new social platforms emerging every week and keeping in touch with the latest news in digital technology helps us evolve better every day.

Social responsibility in social media

Yes, we reach out to the consumers, but, in doing that, we also make sure that brand integrity is not compromised and consumers do not have any worries regarding their privacy! Bottomline: we do our job without ruffling any feathers.

Need of the hour

A little more leeway for the digital budget and a little less conventional thinking goes a long way in promoting a brand.

We learned the hard way

The blame game gets you nowhere. It’s only team work which matters when it comes to achieving any kind of success.

Did we just share that?

Yes we did!! ;)

They work with us

Greenpeace India, KDD Harvest, South Indian Bank, Lulu Mall, Lulu Retail, Samsung, Ford, Panasonic, Lulu Hypermarket, Hamley’s, Tiffany, Quanta Ice creams etc.

Industry as we foresee

Educating consumers through social media and maintaining relations with them is the future. It’s a two-way channel which is gaining strength.

A day without Internet

Is not just a day, it’s a catastrophe!