Social Media Campaign Review : Lavasa Launches Social Media Campaign Capture Lavasa

As India’s first planned hill city Lavasa has been actively working on establishing itself as a prime tourist destination with a wide range of facilities replete with rich flora and fauna. In a bid to highlight the pictorial attractiveness of Lavasa, the Capture Lavasa Campaign has been launched yet again.

capture lavasa 1


The campaign seeks to involve talented photographers in capturing Lavasa at its photogenic best.  The idea is to engage with audiences on social media while highlighting the beauty of the location.

capture lavasa 2


Capture Lavasa is a search for talented photographers. The challenge thrown open involves capturing Lavasa at its photogenic best. Categories in which entries are invited include: landscape, architecture, flora and fauna, people@Lavasa and colors of Lavasa.

The campaign is hosted on the Lavasa website where you can check out the rules and submit your entries.  The entries will be judged by two of the best photographers in India and the prizes on offer are the title of Lavasa’s Official Photographer, a contract worth INR 2 lakhs and many more exciting prizes.

capture lavas how to participate


The contest is pretty simple. You have to click photos and upload them. Its just that simple!

As a visual endeavor the campaign has good online presence in the form of its presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  All online efforts are well integrated.

The Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest and Instagram are replete with photos, updates and messages urging participation from audiences.

capture lavasa pinterest

Since you have to travel to Lavasa to capture its beauty the offline aspect is taken care of. The response also has been good with 1000+ entries in over 2 weeks!

Scope for Improvement

This is not a terribly innovative campaign.  It is more of creating a gallery of visuals about Lavasa rather than engaging with audiences. Perhaps taking this contest one step further would have helped.  Instead of taking pictures, creating a video of your favorite spot in Lavasa or a tweeting about the most memorable aspect of visiting Lavasa would have given the contest an interesting twist.

Not everyone is looking to become an official photographer right?  So something more appealing to the world at large might have been better.

capture lavasa prizes


Overall, the campaign succeeds in putting the spotlight on capturing the beauty of Lavasa as a locale. Beyond that it does not score very high with regard to innovation and creativity.


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